Compile data on pending criminal cases against MPs, MLAs: Telangana HC

HYDERABAD: In response to the Supreme Court’s directives in the case of Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay and others Vs Union of India and others, a division bench of the Telangana High Court, led by Chief Justice Alok Aradhe and Justice T Vinod Kumar, adjudicated a suo motu writ petition.

The apex court had issued orders on November 9, urging the high court to expedite the resolution of criminal cases pending against MPs and MLAs, laying out specific guidelines for the same. The division bench directed the registry of the high court to compile data on pending criminal cases against MPs and MLAs within two weeks and submit it to the court.

The division bench instructed the registry to file a status report on the offences registered against each MP and MLA in Telangana, categorised by December 15. The Supreme Court’s directives also outlined specific instructions for the chief justices of all high courts.

These instructions include issuing directions to designated courts in the state meant for adjudicating criminal cases against elected representatives, prioritising cases punishable with death or life imprisonment and those with imprisonment for five years or more.

The designated courts were directed to list cases with stay orders before them and ensure the commencement and conclusion of trials.

The Supreme Court had stressed the need to provide sufficient infrastructure in these designated special Courts for efficient functioning.

Additionally, it had mandated the publication of information regarding the pending cases against MLAs and MPs on the official website of the high court district-wise and adjourned matters to December 15.