Corona will be eliminated by UV technology, Parliament is completely safe: Dr. Shekhar Mande

New Delhi: In order to deal with the difficult challenge of dealing with the corona virus, CSIR has recently developed UV (ultra violet) technology to protect against corona virus, which is said to be completely capable of destroying the corona virus. According to Dr Shekhar Mande, Director General of CSIR, ‘At present, the Parliament of the country has been foolproofed by this technique. Soon, through this, preparations are being made to provide protection from the virus to AC buses, AC coaches of trains and cinemas etc.

According to him, the easiest way to prevent corona virus so far is with a mask and a distance of two yards. Meanwhile, in our laboratory, we have also discovered a UV (ultra violet) technique to prevent this, in which the corona virus is completely destroyed. After its successful testing in the lab, we are now working on expanding it. Both the Houses of Parliament (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) have been equipped with this new UV technology. We tested it in the monsoon season. It is quite economical. About three lakh rupees have been spent on protecting both the houses of Parliament with this technique. Whereas it will cost only about fifteen thousand to give protection to an AC coach of an AC bus or train.

In this technique, an ultra violet scanner is installed with AC (air conditioner), in which the air passing through the AC is scanned through it. In such a situation, if there is corona virus in this air, then it will be destroyed immediately. Even if an infected person reaches there in a hall or room equipped with this technology, then the infection cannot be spread by him. As for its use in homes, so far it has not been found to be so useful in its use. Its better use can be more in those places where about a dozen people are present together or the number of visitors there is more.