Dress Code for MPs: You will not be able to come wearing jeans, t-shirt or sleeveless top

New Delhi: The dress code has been implemented for British lawmakers. MPs will no longer be able to come to Parliament wearing jeans, sportswear, t-shirts, or sleeveless tops. Not only this, their clapping has also been banned. Let us inform you that after the end of the summer vacations, the proceedings of the House are starting from today i.e. Monday. In view of this, a dress code has been implemented for the Members of Parliament.

Speaker updated the rules
Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle has updated the ‘Rules of Conduct and Etiquette in the House of Commons for MPs to deal with laxity due to relaxations during the COVID-19 lockdown. While implementing the dress code for MPs, he has clarified that clapping will not be allowed in the House.

From now on these will be stopped
MPs have been asked to wear professional outfits. They have been advised to avoid jeans, chinos, and sportswear, etc. The speaker has said that T-shirts and sleeveless tops are not business attire. Therefore, male and female MPs should not wear them while they are present in the House. Wear suitable shoes instead of MP casual shoes. Apart from this, men have been asked to wear ties and jackets.

Singing is also not allowed
Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle said that members will no longer be able to clap during the proceedings of the House. He believes that a lot of debate time goes into this. Also, singing songs or bhajan-kirtan will not be allowed while present in the house. In fact, in September 2019, the Labor MP had protested by singing songs in the House. In view of this, this decision has been taken. Let us tell you that Hoyle’s predecessor, Speaker John Bercow, had adopted a more liberal policy and said that there is no fixed dress code for MPs.

(With agency inputs)