Due to Corona, Parliament regulates the media coverage of budget session

New Delhi: The arrangements with regard to the coverage by media persons in the Parliament House Complex and the Press Galleries of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha during the Budget Session, 2021. According to a press release issued by joint director Mr. Neeraj Sharma the coverage are as follows:

(1) The Press Galleries of both the Houses will be available to the correspondents of the select accredited media organisations for covering the proceedings of the Lok Sabha.

(2) In accordance with the social distancing norms, only 24 correspondents will be allowed inside the Lok Sabha Press Gallery and 15 correspondents inside the Rajya Sabha Press Gallery. Accordingly, 39 seats will be available for correspondents.

(3) Only those correspondents of select accredited media organisations, who undergo RT-PCR test and present a negative report, will be allowed entry to the Press Galleries of both the Houses.

(4) Twelve (12) seats (1 each) will be reserved in the Press Gallery of Lok Sabha for agencies as detailed below:
1. PTI 10. IANS
2. PTI Bhasha 11. Hindusthan Samachar
3. UNI 12. ANI
4. Univarta
5. AIR
6. Doordarshan
9. PIB

(5) A maximum of two correspondents from each of the agencies detailed at Sl. No. (4) above will be allowed inside the Parliament House Complex on any given day of sitting. However, only one correspondent of the above agencies will be allowed inside the Press Gallery at any given time.

(6) One correspondent each of the other media organisations, permitted to cover the proceedings of Lok Sabha, will ordinarily be issued Press Gallery pass each. The representatives of these media organisations are being informed telephonically to get their RT-PCR test done to qualify for the special pass for the Budget Session.

(7) 12 seats in the Lok Sabha Press Gallery [after adjusting 12 agencies as mentioned at Sl. No. (4) above] will be available for correspondents on first come first serve basis. Thereafter, 15 seats in the Rajya Sabha Press Gallery will be available to the correspondents who will be given admission to the Parliament House Complex.

(8) Media persons are being issued new special Press Gallery passes by CPIC at Reception, Parliament House.

(9) The entry of Media persons, covering proceedings of Lok Sabha, in Parliament House Complex during the Budget Session, 2021 will be from 3:00 p.m. onwards. On Budget Day, it will be from 9:00 am onwards.

(10) All norms of social distancing, including wearing of masks, will be adhered to by Media persons.

(11) Correspondents/camerapersons/photographers will not interact/interview/photograph anyone else other than Ministers/Members of Parliament. They will take bytes of Ministers/Members of Parliament only at the Media Stands of Parliament House.

(12) No equipment including mobiles, for direct/live telecast of proceedings/happenings in Parliament House Complex shall be used by any Media person.