Global legislators to demand tough stand on China from G20 countries

New Delhi: An unprecedented meeting of Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC) is taking place in Rome to coincide with the G20 summit to expose China’s human rights abuses before the international community.

“Hello from Rome! I’m here as Co-Chair of @ipacglobal, and today we’re talking about #China and its disrespect of human rights and the rule of law. As the #G20summit kicks off, we’re highlighting China’s behaviour to the international community,” Barry Ward said in a tweet.

“I’m in Rome today for the first in-person conference of @ipacglobal. As world leaders come together for the G20, they must confront the CCP’s attacks on human rights and the rule of law,” Garnett Genius, another participant of the meet, tweeted.

“‘Every time I see a world leader shaking hands with Xi Jinping, I am reminded that the survival of my community is not important enough for them to take a stand’… An incredibly powerful statement from @MahmutRahima at the @ipacglobal #G20 counter-meeting this morning,” Stop Uyghur Genocide said in a tweet. India has joined IPAC as the 21st legislature represented. “India joins IPAC with co-chairs @SujeetKOfficial and @ninong_erring. As the world’s largest democracy, India has an integral part to play in the upholding of the rules based international order. India is the 21st legislature represented in #IPAC,” IPAC tweeted. Chinese mouthpiece Global Times has attacked IPAC as conversion of secessionists.

Global Times said that Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu’s visit is a trip about the convergence of China’s secessionist forces. Later this month, the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC), a group of anti-China lawmakers from the West, will hold a meeting in Rome. The leading figures of many secessionist groups that aim to divide China will attend the meeting, and Wu was invited to it as well.

“Wu, a leading pro-Taiwan secession figure, has attacked the Chinese mainland and advocated secessionist ideas through this anti-China coalition. With Wu’s participation, a combination of secessionists of Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang and HK has formed.