Lok Sabha Secretariat is Ready to Welcome Members of The 18th Lok Sabha

New Delhi; 31 May : Lok Sabha Secretariat is ready to welcome Members of the Eighteen Lok Sabha. Several measures have been taken to welcome the Members and ensure their seamless registration. Secretary – General, Lok Sabha, Shri Utpal Kumar Singh, conducted an inspection of the preparations today and is monitoring the arrangements on day to day basis.

Seamless and paperless registration process
With a view to reducing the paper work and making the registration formalities of Members seamless, the registration process of the newly elected Members shall be done through an online integrated software application. Members would not be required to sign multiple physical forms with various branches. This would save a substantial amount of time of Members. The integrated software application not only captures bio profile data of Hon’ble MP but also includes solution for issuance of Parliament Identity Card based on Facial and Biometric Capturing and solution for issuance of CGHS card to Members & Spouses.

With a view to minimize complications arising out of the multi-desks approach of the past, all formalities relating to the registration, nominations, transit accommodation and a host of other matters are proposed to be got completed with minimum movement of Members.

The Secretariat has made arrangements from 2 p.m. on 04.06.2024 and the process will remain operational from 8 am to 8 pm on 5th to 14th June, 2024 including on Saturdays and Sundays. Earlier, the registration of newly elected Members used to take place in the old Parliament House building (now Samvidhan Sadan). This time, the Secretariat has made such arrangements in the Parliament House Annexe.

As many as 20 digital registration counters with as many computers, 10 each in Banquet Hall and Private Dining Room (PDR), have been set up in the Parliament House Annexe. These counters have been set up for end-to-end registration process. Each counter has been equipped with desktop with double sided screen, printer cum scanner, biometric, and a tab for getting signature. There are separate counters for clicking photographs and for facial recognition. Additionally, arrangements have also been made for simultaneous opening of SBI bank account, issuing of permanent Identity Card, Central Government Health Scheme Card to the newly elected Members on the spot.

While welcoming the Members, the Secretariat will provide each Member with a set of publications relating to the Constitution of India, Rules, Directions and some other useful publications in hard copies. Besides, a few other publications will be provided to Members in soft version.

A waiting area has been provided for family members and guests of the MPs at the Banquet Hall in the Extension to Parliament House Annexe. In case of more number of guests arriving, the spillover will be seated in a nearby Committee Rooms.

A total 70 Officers/Officials have been trained to man the registration Counter in shifts. The Liaison Officers (Los) have also been imparted training to make data entry through the Tabs while the MPs are waiting in the designated waiting area (Banquet Hall in EPHA building).The intent is to minimize the registration time for Hon’ble MPs while they are in Parliament Complex for the purpose of registration.

Videos on Foundation stone laying ceremony of Parliament Building, Inauguration of Parliament Building, Multimedia Devices, have been kept ready for playing in Banquet Hall, Committee Room 1 & 2 EPHA for the Members.

A team has been assigned the task to keep close tab on Election Commission website on the day of declaration of results and to enter the contact details of successful candidates in near real time. The team using a software application would be able to check whether the successful candidate is a new MP or re-elected MP. The same information would be shared with Liaison Officers (Los) through software application to make further data entry of their tour programs. The dashboard would be available for the stakeholders to get updated information in near real time. An endeavor has been made to deploy LOs from the same region/language to facilitate members and ensure faster communication.

The LOs have been briefed to reach out to the Members, specifically newly elected Members, to sensitize them to bring specific set of documents. Members will also be requested to forward the certain information either through email at “computercentrelss@sansad.nic.in” or in hard copy to Los.

Transit Accommodation
Transit accommodation in the Western Court Annexe/Hostel or State/UT Bhawans/Guest Houses shall be provided to newly elected Members who are not already in possession of Government accommodation in Delhi/New Delhi till they are provided regular accommodation by the House Committee, Lok Sabha.

In a progressive stride from past practices, a software based computerized system for the allotment of Transit Accommodation to Members of the 18th Lok Sabha in the Western Court Annexe/Hostel or State/UT Bhawans/Guest Houses has been implemented.

Accommodation desks have been set up at Parliament House Complex to allot/change transit accommodation to the newly elected Members. The services of the accommodation desk will be available 24X7.

Guideposts have been set up at all the three domestic terminals at IGI Airport and Railway Stations at Delhi, New Delhi, Nizamuddin and Anand Vihar (from 04.06.2024 to 09.06.2024 – tentative) to receive elected Members of 18th Lok Sabha and to render them necessary help/services that they may require.

The Guideposts at Airports/Railway Station(s) will function on 04.06.2024 (06.00 P.M. to 11.00 P. M.) (one shift) and from 05.06.2024 to 09.06.2024 (from 05.00 A.M. to 02.00 P.M. and 02.00 P.M. to 11.00 P.M. (in two shifts). The Officers/staff of Lok Sabha Secretariat have been deployed to perform duties at Guideposts at Airport and Railway Station(s).
Transport facilities will also be available at Airports/Railway Station(s) for ferrying Members to Parliament House Complex/State Bhawan/Guest House(s) as the case may be.

Medical Arrangements
CGHS Medical Posts will function on 24X7 basis in North Avenue & South Avenue and near Western Court Annexe/Hostel at Telegraph lane to extend Medical facilities to the Members. In addition, Ambulance services will also be available 24X7. In case of any medical emergency/sudden illness of Member(s), the nearby hospitals have also been sensitized.