Lok Sabha Speaker Leads MPs And Others At Yoga Abhyas In Parliament House Complex On International Day Of Yoga

New Delhi 21 June 2023: On the occasion of International Day of Yoga, Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla led MPs and others at a Yoga Abhyas Shivir in Parliament House Complex today. Shri Birla extended best wishes on International Yoga Day to the dignitaries and others present on the occasion. He said that on this day, along with all Indians, people of more than 200 countries of the world are also performing yoga. Expressing happiness, Shri Birla informed that the Leader of the House, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will lead the representatives of many countries of the world at the Yoga exercise being held in the United Nations.

In the context of India’s cultural heritage, Shri Birla observed that Yoga serves the purpose of connecting people, society and the whole world. He added that today India is performing the pious task of connecting the world and working for peace, stability and physical and mental health of the world and its people. Shri Birla noted that Yoga has achieved international recognition and its universal benefits are being imbibed by everyone today.

Mentioning the theme of International Yoga Day this year “Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, Shri Birla mentioned that India has given a unique gift to the world in the form of Yoga and has shown everyone the benefits of a healthy body and a healthy mind. Shri Birla added that just as democracy is the ancient culture of India, similarly Yoga is the nation’s lifestyle and frame of mind, which is now being adopted by the world.

Shri Birla noted that Yoga has ushered in the era of holistic health revolution in contemporary times with a sharper focus on building immunity rather than cure. He added that in today’s changing scenario the world is moving from ‘Illness’ to ‘Wellness’ and Yoga is enabling everyone towards this end.

Shri Birla further said that Yoga is a science, which teaches everyone the art of living a healthy life with a healthy body and mind. Along with this, yoga is a way of life of all Indians. In this context, Shri Birla informed that Yoga is a spiritual science to transform and develop oneself holistically and that is why the popularity and acceptance of Yoga has increased around the world.

Shri Birla also said that Yoga does not belong to any particular sect or group, but is the priceless heritage of all humanity and the basis of a healthy world. He added that Yoga is a combination of physical and mental discipline which makes the body strong and healthy and helps in calming and controlling the mind. Mentioning the innumerable benefits of yoga, Shri Birla said that yoga increases work efficiency, and improves productive. Shri Birla called upon all Indians to ensure human welfare by imbibing the concept of ‘Yog se Sahyog.’