Members of Parl Standing Committee pays tributes to Lokmanya Tilak of his 101st Punyatithee

New Delhi: Members of the Parl Standing Committee on Education today visited Kesari Wada in Pune and offered tributes to Lokmanya Tilak in the year of his 101st Punyatithee! Visiting museums on the premises and taking a look at archival collections was very inspirational.

Lokmanya Tilak worked to unite the people against British rule which had ruled the country for more than a century. He has given thought to the country’s people that ‘Swarajya’ is the birthright of Indians and should we should fight for it. He took care of the Indian independence struggle that continued against British rule for which the people’s movement was formed. Tilak’s leadership, struggles and sacrifices of millions of Indians to preserve the country’s independence, unity, integrity, sovereignty and the values of the Constitution to inculcate deep values in society will be a true tribute to Tilak. He made a significant contribution to the country’s freedom struggle and post-independence development.