More than 700 private members’ bills pending in LS

**EDS: VIDEO GRAB** New Delhi: Parliamentarians in Lok Sabha during the ongoing Monsoon Session of Parliament, in New Delhi, Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020. (LSTV/PTI Photo)(PTI20-09-2020_000128B)

NEW DELHI, 18 Nov: More than 700 private members’ bills, several of which seek to amend penal provisions and electoral laws, are pending in the Lok Sabha.

While several of these bills were introduced in June 2019, when the present Lok Sabha was formed after the parliamentary polls, some were tabled as recently as August this year during the monsoon session of Parliament.

Private member bills are those introduced by MPs in their personal capacity. The aim of bringing a private bill is highlighting new laws that they think should be introduced, or changes they believe are necessary in the existing statutes.

According to a Lok Sabha bulletin issued on Friday, 713 such bills are pending in the Lower House.

These bills deal with issues such as bringing a uniform civil code, gender equality, climate change, agriculture, amendment to the existing criminal and electoral laws, and tweaking constitutional provisions.

The second half of Fridays, when Parliament is in session, is reserved for the members to introduce or discuss private members’ bills or resolutions in the Lok Sabha as well as the Rajya Sabha.

Once a debate on a private member’s bill is over, the minister concerned responds and requests the member to withdraw it.

Rarely a private member’s bill has been put to vote.