Parliamentary committee will discuss the issue of Pricing, Marketing and Supply of Petroleum Products

New Delhi: Amidst the rising prices of petrol, diesel the Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Gas of Parliament will burn the midnight oil on ‘Pricing, Marketing and Supply of Petroleum Products including Natural Gas’. The Chairperson of the committee is BJP MP from South Delhi Ramesh Bidhuri.

The committee in its meeting on last week have selected the following other subjects for examination during the year 2021-22: (i) Litigations involving Oil PSUs; (ii) Contract Management and Transparency in Procurement Procedures in Oil PSUs; (iii) Energy Security with specific reference to Hydrocarbon Resources and Electric Vehicles; (iv) Oil Refineries – A Review; (v) CSR activities of oil PSUs; (vi) National Gas Grid including PNG and CNG; (vii) Review of performance of Oil PSUs with specific reference to financial performance and investments in other sectors; (viii) Review of Human Resource Policy of Oil PSUs; (ix) Safety and Security of Oil Installations of Public Sector Oil Companies; (x) International Cooperation in Petroleum Sector; 2 (xi) Review of LNG Infrastructure; (xii) Alternative sources of Energy; (xiii) Role of OMCs in setting up of Battery/Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles; (xiv) Review of implementation of CBG (SATAT); (xv) Policy on Import of Crude Oil; and (xvi) Initiatives undertaken by oil PSUs in Petroleum Sector under ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.