Parliamentary Delegation from Nepal Call On Lok Sabha Speaker

New Delhi; 31 January : An 8 Member Nepalese Parliamentary delegation led by Hon. Shri Raj Kishore Yadav, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on International Relations and Tourism, called on Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla at Parliament House Complex, today.

At the outset, Shri Birla warmly greeted the delegation from Nepal to India, emphasizing that the two nations were not just neighboring countries but also custodians of a common history, culture, and democratic principles that united them. He highlighted the enduring spiritual, historical and cultural relations between the two nations, underlining the profound emotional connection between the people that strengthened the bond between the two countries. Highlighting the exceptional nature of the Indo-Nepalese relations, the Lok Sabha Speaker spoke glowingly of the friendly nature of the relationship as amply exhibited by the open borders and frequent interactions among the citizens.

Speaking on the importance of this day, Shri Birla informed the delegation that their visit coincided with the first ever Budget Session to be held in the new Building of Parliament of India where the President had addressed both Houses of Parliament. Shri Birla observed that it is very important to have mutual dialogue between the Parliaments of democratic countries. Through this, we share our views with each other on global and regional issues and a common vision is created among ourselves, added Shri Birla. Shri Birla emphasized that continued discussions, dialogues and close contacts between the top leadership of the two countries were crucial in strengthening close relations as well as reinforcing democratic values. He also brought into focus the endeavours being carried out in Parliament for enhancing the productivity, viz. launching of the One Nation – One Legislative platform initiative which seeks to bring all parliamentary debates on a single platform. He also spoke about the need to educate and familiarize legislators to the law making process including legislative drafting.

Mentioning the shared democratic ethos of both countries , Shri Birla said that Nepal is a strategic neighbor and hoped that the ties fostered since long would strengthen over time .

Commending India’s impressive economic growth, the leader of the Parliamentary Delegation from Nepal, Shri Raj Kishore Yadav expressed his country’s eagerness to be a collaborative partner in this economic journey. He also expressed his admiration of the Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and recalled his visit to Nepal in 2014 where he had received a rousing welcome in the Himalayan country.