Parliamentary traditions and sanctity of the institution need to be respected: LS Speaker Om Birla

New Delhi: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, while interacting with the media in Parliament House Complex today, expressed his anguish that the House could not function smoothly during the Session due to interruptions and people’s issues could not be discussed. ‘I share people’s pain that their issues could not be discussed in the House”, said Shri Birla.

Underlining the importance of debates and discussions in the House, Shri Birla said that debates and discussions strengthen democracy. He further said that Bills should be passed in the House after proper and productive discussion. On the same note, Shri Birla noted that the smooth conduct of the House is the responsibility of all stakeholders. Emphasizing that Members of Parliament have discharged their constitutional duties in the five sessions of the 17th Lok Sabha, the Lok Sabha Speaker appealed to the Leaders of Political Parties to respect the great parliamentary tradition and the sanctity of the institution. House should run in accordance with collective will and consensus, Shri Birla highlighted.

Speaking on the Business transacted the House, Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla informed that 17 sittings were held during the Sixth Session and Lok Sabha sat for 21 hours and 14 minutes against the stipulated time of 96 hours. Lok Sabha lost 74 hours and 46 minutes to interruptions. The productivity of the House during the Session was 22 percent, informed Shri Birla. The Lok Sabha Speaker also informed that 13 Bills were introduced and 20 Bills were passed during the Session. Some of the important bills which were passed during the Session are The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Seventh Amendment) Bill, 2021, The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Bill, 2021 and Appropriation Bills relating to Supplementary Grants for 2017-18 and 2020-21.

Despite the interruptions, 66 starred questions were orally answered in the House during the Session, the Speaker added. Besides, 331 matters of public importance were raised under Rule 377. In this regard, Shri Birla expressed his satisfaction that during the 17th Lok Sabha, replies have been received from the Government on 98 percent of matters raised under Rule 377. Standing Committees presented 60 reports to the House and 52 Statements, excluding the Statements of the Parliamentary Affairs on Business of the House, were made to the House during the Session. A total number of 1243 Papers were Laid on the Table of the House.

As a step towards capacity building of the Members of Parliament, 12 Briefing Sessions were organized on various important Bills which were considered by the House.

Two Sensitisation programs for Members of Parliament (one on Hepatitis and one on Tuberculosis) were also organized during the Session.

Shri Birla informed that the construction of the New Parliament Building is going in full swing and every effort is being taken to ensure that New Parliament Building gets ready by next year.