PM Narender Modi Will Make Record By Addressing second time US Congress, 12th. Parliamentary Address Abroad!

New Delhi: On 22nd June when Indian Prime Minister Sh Narender Modi will be addressing the United States Congress, he will make record by addressing second time the US Congress by any Indian Prime Minister! Coincidently, it will be his 12th. Address to the parliaments abroad.

During his nine-year tenure he addressed the eleventh Parliaments of various countries. In 2014 when he took over the reins of Prime Minister ship, he addressed the Bhutan Parliament. Besides Bhutan he addressed the parliaments of Nepal, Australia and Fiji. In 2015 he addressed the parliaments of Sri Lanka, Mongolia, United Kingdom and Afghanistan. In 2016 he addressed the US Congress. In 2018 PM Narender Modi addressed Uganda and Maldives.

Sh Narender Modi is also stood first among PMs of India by addressing the eleventh parliaments of the world. Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh addressed the seven parliaments during his ten years term. Late PM Indira Gandhi four, Nehru three, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Rajiv Gandhi two-two each, Morarji Desai and V.P. Singh one- one each addressed the parliaments abroad.