PM to pass population law in Parliament quickly: Chandel

New Delhi: Hinduist leader Raju Chandel while talking to reporters in Jammu said that July 11 is celebrated as World Population Day. Today, due to the rapid increase in population in the world, there has been a serious crisis of resources like food, medicines, etc. In view of this explosive population, Prime Minister Narendra Modi should soon pass a population law in Parliament to pass a population control law in his country India.

He said that during the Corona era, good people lost their sweat in mobilizing different types of resources. Most of the population in our country has been increased by the infiltrators from Bangladesh and the Rohingyas from Myanmar. Prime Minister and Union Home Minister Amit Shah should take immediate action and show these infiltrators the way out of India. Today the maximum number of these infiltrators is in our Jammu and Kashmir. It is spreading like a spider web in different states including West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi. There is an urgent need to curb this.

On the other hand, the number of Hindu societies is continuously decreasing due to the process of conversion going on. As RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has said, we Hindus have DNA among the minorities of India. This is true. In the previous reigns, all the invaders who came to India, including Mohammad Ghori, forcibly got the Hindus converted. Then he could not return home since independence. This is the reason that the DNA of our Hindus is seen in the minority brothers and sisters of our India.

Even today we Hindu Muslim brothers live together but our neighboring country Pakistan tries to fight us by adopting some conspiratorial policy. Pakistan forgets that its people also have the DNA of India. He said that the Prime Minister should take effective steps towards controlling the population by bringing a population law in the Parliament at the earliest.