Ram Sharan kept delivering letters to Parliament for 21 years

New Delhi: Ram Sharan, a postman who delivered letters to the Parliament House for the last 21 years, delivered his last mail on Friday. Now he is getting relieved from his services on Tuesday. During his tenure, he saw many Prime Ministers and Ministers change in Parliament, changing many MPs every five years. But his movement continued in the corridors of the Parliament House.

Ram Sharan has been among the most powerful people of India for the last two decades. He delivered letters of ministers and MPs daily in the Parliament House. He is retiring on Tuesday. If Monday was not a holiday for Shri Krishna Janmashtami, he would have retired on Monday itself. He delivered the last post to the Parliament House on Friday.

Before retirement, Ram Sharan told that even though he worked among ministers and MPs, no one complained about his work. He remembered his work and responsibilities with great seriousness.

He said that it was not easy to go and serve in the Parliament House on a daily basis. One mistake could have blocked the movement of the Parliament. But for 21 years he went to Parliament and gave mail. He had to travel for hours from one office to another to deliver the mail to the huge Parliament House complex. Be it a senior minister or an ordinary employee, he delivered everyone’s mail on time.

Sixty-year-old Ram Sharan told that in the year 2000, he was posted in Parliament House. At that time no other postman wanted to take this responsibility. Most people were confused by the labyrinthine corridors of Parliament, identical rooms and doors. But he took up the responsibility assigned to him by the postal department and did it well.