Rules should not be used as a shelter: Ramacharyulu

New Delhi: A day after taking over as the new Secretary-General of Rajya Sabha, PPK Ramacharyulu on Thursday held a two-hour review meeting with senior officials of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat. He is the first Secretary-General to be appointed from amongst the staff of the Secretariat. As an insider aware of how restrictive the rules can be at times, he told officials that “ample scope for initiative, imagination, anticipation, and dynamism within the framework of the rules for more effective functioning of the House and Secretariat” and to help the members. He said the rules should not be used as a shelter, shying away from providing freshness of perspective and mobility. He asked the officials to identify the impediments in the working of the seam. And to come up with an action plan for better performance. The Secretariat has about 1,300 employees.