Tamil Nadu Assembly’s Special Session on Nov 18 to Readopt Bills Returned By Governor

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker Appavu announced that a special Assembly session would be held on Saturday to readopt bills returned by Governor RN Ravi on Thursday. During the session, the bills returned by Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi are to be reintroduced in this session without any modifications. On Thursday, RN Ravi returned 10 Bills that were pending for his assent after the state moved Supreme Court seeking a deadline to decide on the Bills passed by the Assembly.

Addressing reporters, the Speaker said, they would not discuss on Governor, President or Judiciary during the Assembly sessions, as reported by The New Indian Express. Yet, AIADMK organizing secretary Jayakumar mentioned that the party would soon determine its participation in the session.

As Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi sent back 10 pending bills, DMK spokesperson Saravanan Annadurai said, “The governor has been made to eat a humble pie. He has capitulated. The governor should have done this long ago. After the Supreme Court chief justice expressed his views that this matter raises serious concern, the governor now returned these 10 bills.”

“We are asking the governor. Why don’t you go tell the Supreme Court that if the governor does not sign the bill, it means the bill is dead? Why doesn’t he go make this pleading in the Supreme Court? He was trying to fool the people of Tamil Nadu. Now his bluff is being called out by the DMK government,” he said.