The news of the bomb in the truck near the US Parliament building stirred up, the areas evacuated

New Delhi: In America, there was a stir due to the news of a bomb in a truck near the Parliament House. In a hurry, the entire area was evacuated. Police got information that explosives were probably kept in a pickup truck outside the library located near the Parliament House. Although it has not been confirmed yet. The Capital Police, who reached the spot, started investigating the matter. The man, who claimed to have a bomb in the truck, surrendered to the police after an hour-long tussle.

News of a bomb in a truck near the US Parliament House
The police could not immediately ascertain whether the truck contained explosives or not. However, the truck had to be searched by the officials to confirm this. Officials are trying to understand why Floyd Ray Roseberry drove the truck onto the pavement outside the Library of Parliament. Officials are also trying to gather information as to why he made the bomb threat.

As soon as the police got information that a bomb had been placed in a truck, the police and administration have given instructions to vacate all the surrounding buildings. At the same time, the local people have also been appealed not to come to this area. It has been said that the investigation is going on now and only after everything is normal, the movement will be started again. For the police and all the officials, this incident matters more because the library outside where this suspicious truck was found is close to the Parliament House and the Supreme Court. For this reason, as soon as the information about the bomb was received, the police immediately swung into action and further investigation was started.

Police in action mode
In view of the seriousness of the matter, the police have deployed snipers on the spot. At the same time, the area has also been closed through police vehicles. Police barricading is being seen everywhere. Apart from all this, the employees working in the Capital Complex have also been safely taken out by the police. There is also news of relief that both the Senate and the House of Representatives are on leave, so the situation was easily brought under control. There is a continuous appeal by the police that everyone should remain calm and stay away from this area for some time.