New Delhi- 16 September : Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla addressed the Export Excellence Awards organised by CAPEXIL and sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India in New Delhi, today.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Birla appreciated the efforts of exporters and manufacturers stating that they have a made a huge contribution in the nation’s achievements in global export sector. Congratulating the winners of the Awards, Shri Birla hoped that the top performers in various sectors would continue their hard work and make the nation proud. He added that their efforts have led to economic growth and strengthened Indian Brands and manufacturing around the globe. Shri Birla also noted that from MSMEs to major industries, collective efforts from around the country have led to growth in the export sector.

In the context of India’s export sector in the globalised world, Shri Birla observed that in today’s era most of the countries around the world are trying to develop businesses on the basis of new innovation and research in a wide range of areas. He suggested that in this age, India must make all out efforts to ensure that the nation remains on the cutting edge of technology, research and innovation. Mentioning the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Birla said India has achieved record levels of growth in every sector under the able leadership of the Prime Minister.

Referring to the recently concluded G20 Summit, Shri Birla mentioned that during the Summit, India made efforts towards uniting the whole world based on our values of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam”. He was happy to note that under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, India is providing solutions to every major challenge facing the world.

Observing that today’s India is working towards providing solutions to various present and future challenges facing the world based on a framework of collective consensus, Shri Birla stressed that this could be possible because India’s efforts are not aimed only towards its own prosperity and well-being but for the prosperity and welfare of the entire world. .

Referring to India’s rapid industrial and technological growth, Shri Birla observed that from agriculture to space and defense, there is no sector wherein India has not made progress. He added that besides its economic growth, India is the world’s largest democracy and demography and diversity is our strength. Speaking about changing times, Shri Birla said that in the current context, industries are rapidly advancing towards sustainable and environmentally sound technologies making Indian industries competitive, in a highly competitive global scenario.

Observing that human resources play a vital role in the growth and prosperity of any nation, Shri Birla felt that for any nation developing better technologies like AI, robotics and automation system and improvement in human resources is very important. Shri Birla also said that while it may be true that certain developed countries may be ahead of India in terms of technology and innovation, but keeping in mind the changing context, in the future India would guide the world based on its skilled human resources and cutting edge technology.

Appreciating peoples’ increasing purchasing power based on sustained economic growth, Shri Birla lauded the fact that today India has emerged as one of the largest markets in the world. He added that India is not only fulfilling its domestic needs but at the same time also exporting a variety of goods and services to the developed countries of the world. Shri Birla also said that as India’s exports have continuously increased and its strength to compete in global markets has also increased. He emphasized on the use of latest innovations to ensure that the nation remains competitive globally.

Underlining the crucial importance of world class infrastructure and logistics in economic growth, Shri Birla credited the visionary leadership of the Prime Minister for initiatives that have helped in reducing the logistics cost. He added that due to such efforts today, the world’s biggest companies are looking towards India for manufacturing, leading to sustained growth in the MSME sector and employment generation, which is helping the youth coming from poorer and deprived sections of society.

Chairperson of the Department related Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare and Rajya Sabha MP Shri Bhubaneswar Kalita remained present on the occasion.