UP’s Covid-19 Control Model outperforms major other states like Maharashtra, Kerala & Tamil Nadu

Lucknow: After successful handling of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, Uttar Pradesh is yet again emerging successful in eliminating its deadly second wave as the state restricted the daily Covid case-count below 100 for over three weeks. 

Marching forward rapidly towards being Covid-19 free, Uttar Pradesh recorded merely 65 fresh COVID-19 cases, testifying success of numerous proactive measures adopted by the state government in limiting the transmission of virus in the densely populated state.

On the contrary, sparsely populated states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala that opted for strict lockdown measures to curb the spread of coronavirus have miserably failed to register any decline in the number of fresh infections and as a result have been reporting 2,000-22,000 Covid cases regularly, which is even more than the Active Caseload in Uttar Pradesh. 

Uttar Pradesh juxtaposed with major other states with lesser populations reinforces the perception of how the most populous state has managed to do better in containment of the virus as well as in mitigating the adverse economic effects with Partial Corona Curfews aimed at saving both ‘Lives and Livelihood’.

UP Testing 38.8 samples per positive case 
With a density of 690 persons per square km, Uttar Pradesh, in the entire country, also appeared as the only state to test more than 3 lakh samples on a daily basis and more than 6.62 crore samples for Covid-19 so far. The testing was particularly ramped up to reach the rural pockets of the state.

On the contrary, resource-rich states like Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Kerala have continued to lag in terms of Covid testing.

Following the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, Uttar Pradesh adopted a ‘Go Far, Go Hard’ approach to reach the last mile within the state. On the scale of testing samples per positive case, 6.4 tests per positive case were conducted in Maharashtra, 11.5 in Karnataka, 8 in Kerala, 14 in Delhi, 12.8 in Tamil Nadu and 11.4 tests per positive case in Andhra Pradesh, whereas Uttar Pradesh has been able to conduct 38.8 tests per positive case.

Test Positivity Rate at lowest in UP
With 240 million people, Uttar Pradesh is India’s most populous state and home to every sixth Indian. Despite its large population density, the state has been able to bring down the Test Positivity Rate to 0.01 per cent, the lowest in the country. 

Even with aggressive tracing and testing, Uttar Pradesh’s positivity rate – which shows the level of infections among people – has been registering a steady decline for several days indicating signs that the dangerous Covid wave is receding from the state.

Uttar Pradesh has also seen a drastic and consistent decline in the number of active cases by more than three lakh ten thousand in just a span of 3 months. 

The Active Caseload in the most populous state has been reduced to nearly 650 pushing the Recovery Rate up to a remarkable 98.6 percent, while the percentage of active cases as against the total confirmed cases is just 0 per cent. Whereas states like Kerala and Maharashtra account for a heavy active caseload of 1,67,891 and 82,350 respectively. 

UP Leads in Vaccination, ensures no wastage
The cumulative number of vaccine doses administered in UP nearing five crore, with over 3.80 lakh doses being administered on Monday. Notably, the vaccination drive in Uttar Pradesh has seen a remarkable jump, leaving other states much behind. 

Despite its large population density, Uttar Pradesh is setting new daily records in vaccination while states like Punjab, Rajasthan and Chandigarh amongst others have ‘underutilized’ doses of Covid-19 vaccine that have been supplied to them.