US Parliament slams Pakistan for supporting Taliban

Imran Khan. (File Photo: IANS)

New Delhi: A top US Republican lawmaker Steve Chabot has alleged that Pakistan and its intelligence service played a key role in the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. He also said it was disheartening to see Islamabad celebrate the victory of an organization that would bring “untold cruelty” to the people of Afghanistan.

Chabot said that, however, the persecution of religious minorities by Pakistan gets very little attention here in the US. It is good that we inform our fellow citizens about these abuses. The heinous practice of kidnapping, forced conversion and forced marriage of underage Hindu girls to older Muslim men exposes such persecution.

He said such allegations were not mere rumors. The Republican lawmaker said that major news organizations and human rights groups have exposed these practices, which include the separation of girls from their families in adolescence and forced marriages. Contains telling stories. These harassments are often overlooked.

Chabot said there are about six million Hindus in America and Hindus are unquestionably an integral part of society across the country. “Hindus play a role in realizing the American dream by having a strong work ethic and higher education. This quality gives Hindus an opportunity to play an important role in communities across the country and they also help those communities in many ways.

This is why reports of increased discrimination against Hindu Americans across the country are so worrying, he said. Such discrimination has no place in America. Chabot said that we should all find ways to end it.

(With agency inputs)