‘Digital Parliament’ will use AI to broadcast House proceedings in real time

New Delhi: The inauguration of the state-of-the-art new Parliament building is likely to coincide with the launch of Digital Sansad, the Lok Sabha Secretariat’s ambitious plan to create a first-of-its-kind digital platform that will not only provide legislators easy access to all parliamentary records but also- Also use AI-based technology for real-time transcription of House proceedings in 22 scheduled regional languages.

The “One Nation, One Application” platform aims to allow parliamentarians quick access to Parliament’s resources through the portal’s ‘Knowledge Management System’, while the Secretariat will be able to disseminate information online.

The portal will facilitate end-to-end digital communication between ministries and Parliament, and for citizens, it will facilitate easy access to parliamentary business and other related information.
It has woven in an advanced AI-based ‘speech-to-text’ conversion engine that can translate parliamentary proceedings in real time. This will mean that the transcript currently made by the reporting branch of the Parliament Secretariat will now benefit from the support of a “continually evolving” system that can make an accurate transcript of House proceedings, using an audio feed of the proceedings, Variety.

The portal, which will eventually link all 31 state legislatures, is also using emerging technologies such as automatic indexing and tagging of files to improve search responses. The portal will also feature AI-based conversational chat and voice-based bots that will respond to instructions.

In addition, the existing Digital Parliament mobile application will be further strengthened to enable access to not only both Houses but all State Legislatures in a phased manner.