Discussion on president’s address 15 hours 13 minutes 120 members; general discussion on budget 15 hours 33 minutes, 44 members participated in the discussion: Lok Sabha Speaker

New Delhi: LS adjourned till 14 March: Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla, while presiding over the proceedings of the House on the last day of the first phase of the budget session, appreciated the active participation and constructive cooperation of all the Members.

Shri Birla informed the House that despite the challenges of Covid, Members fulfilled their constitutional obligations with commitment by working till late night in the House, which resulted in 121 percent work productivity of the House.

Shri Birla further said that instead of the allotted time of 12 hours for discussion on Hon’ble President’s address in the House, discussion was held for 15 hours 13 minutes in which 60 Members participated and  60 other Members laid their speeches on the Table of the House.

Shri Birla further informed that instead of the 12 hours allotted for the general discussion on the general budget, discussion continued for 15 hours 33 minutes in which 81 Members participated and 63 other Members laid their speeches on the Table of the House.

Referring to the parliamentary tradition, Shri Birla said that these traditions strengthen the democracy and the parliamentary system is further strengthened by rich dialogue. He further said that deadlock-free discussion in the Parliament boosts the confidence of the citizens of the country in democratic institutions.

Shri Birla thanked all the Members for their cooperation in smooth conducting the House and for having a wide discussion and dialogue on all the subjects of public interest.