Educationists and artists will advise the government on the decoration of Parliament

New Delhi: The construction of the new Parliament building is going on a war footing till the end of this year, but the government has constituted a committee of experts to make it aesthetically appealing and representative of the country’s ethos.

The Ministry of Culture has constituted an advisory committee of about 30 experts from the fields of art, architecture, education, science and administration to suggest the most suitable art installations and decorations for the new Parliament House.

Indian linguist Kapil Kapoor and Hiraman Tiwari, a professor of history at Jawaharlal Nehru University, are among those who will advise the government on the decoration of the Constitution Gallery: India’s Democratic Traditions. Delhi University’s Professor of Political Science Sangeet Kumar Ragi, Professor of Public Policy Sushma Yadav, who has also been with the University Grants Commission, author Ranjana Chitale who has written books on the Revolt of 1857 and revolutionaries such as Taya Tope and Jhalkari Bai; And theater actor Gopa Kumar is among those who will advise the government in the Lok Sabha gallery.

A panel of seven people including Jayant Sahasrabuddhe, who is the National Organizing Secretary of the RSS Wing for Promoting Indian Values ​​in Science, Vigyan Bharati, JR Bhatt, Scientist and Advisor in the Ministry of Environment, LS Rathore, Scientist Joy Sen who is the Chairman. The Center of Excellence for the Indian Knowledge System and others at IIT Kharagpur will advise the government on the aesthetics of the Rajya Sabha.

With only five months left to meet the deadline, efforts are underway to make the new Parliament building functional by November this year. The new Parliament building is expected to house two major galleries – one showcasing the history of the Constitution, and the other on Indian art, architecture, science and history.

Renowned artist Vasudev Kamath, known for his descriptive paintings on mythological and historical subjects, will advise the government on the ceremonial foyer in the new Parliament building. K Ratnam, who has been Member Secretary of the Indian Council of Historical Research, and is known for his work on popularizing Gwalior historical sites and media studies, Sudhir Lal, an expert on Indian traditions, has created the Vedic Heritage Portal in the Ministry of Culture. led. Kamath is also part of the same panel.

Indian musicologist Bharat Gupta, Sharan Apparao known for his work promoting contemporary Indian artwork, architecture and space planning, Padma Shri award winning block print artist from Bihar, Shyam Sharma and art historian and critic Richa Kamboj on India Involved in advising the government. Galleries that will be built inside the Parliament House.

“The Parliament building that will be built will last for many, many years, which is why we want the decorations to be inclusive, effective and representative of the parliamentary democracy that we are. Hence, experts have been selected for suggestions,” said a culture ministry official.

The government, which is being built under the Central Vista Redevelopment Project, has said that the winter session of Parliament will be held in the new building. The new building is likely to have a triangular shape and the national emblem will be the crown of the new structure.

The redevelopment of Central Vista includes a common central secretariat, revamping of the Rajpath from Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate, a new office and the prime minister’s residence. Government sources said there are no plans to extend the October 2022 deadline for completing the project.