New Delhi, 06 April : The Eleventh Session of the 17th Lok Sabha, which commenced on 31 January 2023, concluded today.

Chairing the House, Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla, expressed his views on the continuous disruption in the House during the Session and observed that inappropriate conduct and behavior in the House is not beneficial for the Parliament and the nation. He added that the House has largely upheld decorum, but the conduct of a few MPs was not proper during the session.

Referring to the responsibilities of the Members towards the House, Shri Birla said that the House is a place for debates and discussion and that he wants the House to discuss every issue. He stressed that it is not appropriate for some Members to lower the dignity of the House by rushing to the well. Shri Birla added that he has always given sufficient time and opportunity to all the Members to present their views in the House; and on many occasions the House has functioned late into the night. Shri Birla said that inappropriate behavior is harmful to the democratic traditions of the House and the nation.

Appealing to the Members, Shri Birla said that the House has been the center of high standards of conduct. Expressing concern, he said that some Members do not want any discussion and, therefore, systematically disrupt the proceedings of the House.

With regard to the business of the House, Shri Birla said that the Budget Session that commenced on 31 January, 2023, comprising of 25 sittings, lasted for about 45 hours 55 minutes.

Shri Birla informed the House that the discussion on the motion of thanks to the President’s Address on 31 January, 2023 lasted for 13 hours 44 minutes and 143 Members participated in the discussion.

Lok Sabha Speaker further added that during the Session, the Union Budget was presented by the Finance Minister on 1 February, 2023 and the discussion on the General Budget lasted for 14 hours 45 minutes and 145 members participated in the debate which culminated with the Finance Minister’s reply to the discussion. The Demands for Grants for the financial year 2023-24 of the Ministries/Departments of the Central Government were approved by the House on 23 March, 2023 and the related appropriation bill was also passed. After that the Finance Bill was passed by the House.

Shri Birla further informed that, 8 Government Bills were introduced and 06 Bills were passed, during the session.

Shri Birla informed that 29 starred questions were answered orally during the Session. A total of 133 matters of urgent public importance were raised by the Members during the Zero Hour and a total of 436 matters were taken up under Rule 377.

The Speaker mentioned that the Department-related Standing Committees of the Lok Sabha presented 62 reports. During the Session, 14 Statements were made under Direction 73A and a total number of 23 Statements including three Statements given by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs in connection with parliamentary business were given. As many as, 2799 papers were laid on the Table of the House, informed Shri Birla.

In Lok Sabha, the Productivity of the First Part of the Budget Session was 83.80 percent, while for the second part it was 5.29 percent. Cumulatively, the House productivity during the Eleventh Session of 17th Lok Sabha was 34.85 percent.