Good news for India even after America withdraws from Afghanistan, Biden gave big signs

New Delhi: Concerns are being expressed about the Taliban rule around the world including India after the US withdraws from Afghanistan. There is a growing concern in the Indian security establishment that the Taliban-Pakistan-China trio may not become a major crisis for India in Jammu and Kashmir. Now US President Joe Biden has given a statement from which India can feel relieved. Biden said that the US will crackdown on China’s ‘aggressive’ behavior rather than Afghanistan.

Biden said it would withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by next month and focus on emerging threats from China and Russia. Biden said that all US troops would be back by August 31. He said, ‘We are ending America’s longest war.’ The US invaded Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. America’s target was Al Qaeda and the Taliban who sheltered it.

America’s tough challenge from Xi Jinping and Putin
In early 2013, the US learned that China was rapidly increasing its military strength under the leadership of Xi Jinping. China has started building military bases in the South China Sea, Djibouti and many places in Asia and Central Asia. In 2014, Russia also annexed Ukraine’s Crimea and has started helping separatists in eastern Ukraine. Russia was also accused of influencing the US election.

In 2017, the then US President Donald Trump said, ‘China and Russia challenge American power, influence and interests. They are trying to undermine American security and prosperity. At present, the atmosphere between China and America regarding Taiwan is very hot. Not only this, America is also having a tough competition with China and Russia in space and cyberspace. For this reason, the US now wants to strengthen its navy, making long-range bombers and increasing the number of killer submarines.

China showing eyes in Ladakh, India-US came together
The Chinese dragon is eyeing Indian soil in Ladakh. Even after several rounds of talks, China’s aggressive attitude continues and it is not ready to back down. In order to stop this grandiose of China, America is now determined to strengthen the quad. India, Japan, Australia and the US are currently members of the Quad. The US President is soon going to meet the top leaders of the Quad. Quad is one such organization that seems to be coming together against the aggressive behavior of China in the Indo-Pacific region. In such a situation, now India can get a powerful ally like America on the Chinese front.

(With agency inputs)