Governor condemns attempt to control Raj Bhavan

New Delhi: Governor Arif Mohammad Khan appeared on Saturday to press for a controversially competitive crackdown against the ruling front by warning that “any government action to control the Raj Bhavan will lead to a constitutional crisis”.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Khan, a senior journalist and fellow traveler of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Hari S. He did not appear to hide his dissatisfaction with the state government for “spreading doubts” about the veracity of the controversial decision of the Raj Bhavan to appoint Kartha. Additional Personal Assistant.

On Thursday, an allegedly “angry” Mr Khan had strained the government by temporarily withholding its consent to the policy address for the next fiscal year.

The Raj Bhavan was primarily annoyed that the Principal Secretary, General Administration Department (GAD), K.R. Jyotilal had “shamelessly” violated protocol by informing the governor in writing that there was no precedent for appointment of politically active persons in the Raj Bhavan.

Apparently under severe pressure to avert a constitutional impasse, the government “pacified” Khan by removing Jyotilal on the eve of the assembly session. As a result, Mr. Khan approved the policy statement.

In a scathing criticism of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who heads the GAD, Mr. Khan said: “I know for certain that a secretary cannot write that letter on his own. I told the administration that I will not accept it. Officers are bad things. Tasked to follow the instructions of the government. I did not ask for his head. I have informed the administration to find out who was behind the letter and take appropriate action. Otherwise We are heading towards a constitutional crisis.”

Mr Khan revealed that he had urged Mr Vijayan to “cancel” the proposal to give pension to political appointments in ministerial offices after a tenure of at least two and a half years. He wanted the decision to be included in the policy address.

Mr Khan informed that the employees of the state have to pay a part of their salary to earn pension. In contrast, the government gave party “Johnny” a free ride at the taxpayer’s expense.

“I have asked for the file. I am going to take the matter forward. This is a constitutional abuse of authority and misuse of people’s money. I will not let this issue rest. I have informed the CAG also”, he said.