Bihar Election: How Modi magic worked in Bihar

The exit poll has seen a reversal in the trends in Biharn fourth time an NDA led by Nitish Kumar is seen in power in Bihar. With this, the discussion has started that how Nitish Kumar is seen winning the losing bet once again. On this, not only the leaders of NDA but also political experts are saying that the only answer to this is Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi’s magic in Bihar). It is believed that the magic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again run in the Bihar elections.

Out of resentment against Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, due to unemployment and floods, people returned to Bihar during the Corona period in the Bihar Assembly elections were coming out. Apart from this, the factor of anti-incumbency was also working towards CM Nitish. Sensing this resentment, Chirag Paswan switched sides and separated from the NDA. In such a situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi entered Bihar and changed the atmosphere by speaking strongly about the alliance in rallies.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived for a rally in Bihar, he felt that he would attack Chirag Paswan, but the PM did not name him even once in his 12 rallies. This plan of PM Modi seems to be working. It is clearly visible in the trends so far that Chirag Paswan’s LJP is not seen damaging the NDA much.

PM Modi in his last rallies in Bihar had appealed to women to vote exclusively. In all his rallies, PM kept mentioning the schemes given by the Central and State Government to women. While referring to Chhath Puja, the PM said that the mother of Bihar should prepare for the Puja, her son sitting in Delhi will remove all their worries. Seeing these appeals of PM Modi, the leaders of NDA were constantly saying that they will win, which seems to be vindicated in the trends so far.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphatically referred to the condition of Bihar during the Lalu family’s government, when there was a discussion about the crowd at Tejashwi Yadav’s rallies. PM Modi succeeded in addressing the youth of Bihar that the situation in Bihar will deteriorate if Nitish Kumar goes to government. The PM had tried to explain the stories of kidnapping to youth through proverbs, which seem to be successful.