India became climate Change Performance Index key top ten Included in ranking

Ten from all first The countries In Morocco with India and Two more developing like Chile Country, any country in the world not friendly Paris agreement targets

Five years after the Paris Agreement, no country is in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement. At the same time, three developing countries , climate Change Performance Index key top ten Ranking includes. In these Morocco – 7th, Chile – 9 th India is ranked 10th.

It was reported today that continued climate Change Performance Index 2021 Of which have been published together with Jrmnwac and Nuclaimet Institute of Climate Action Network (CAN).

The report is released just a few days before the European Union’s Summit on Climate Goals for 2030 and the United Nations Climate Ambition Summit to mark the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement on 12 December.

In a ranking of 58 countries it was clearly seen that none of the countries surveyed were compatible with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Even though emissions are decreasing in more than half of the countries analyzed.

  • Seven EU states and the European Union overall have a “high” rating for climate protection , but five EU countries are in the “very low” category
  • Portugal and New Zealand are among the larger climbers ; Sweden leads
  • once the second, the United States at the bottom in the rankings, below Saudi Arabia

The Climate Change Performance Index ( CCPI) 2021, published today , presents a mixed picture of progress by the European Union ( EU ) on climate action . Almost thanks entirely better climate policy, the EU has shown to improve access to this year’s 16 th place last year 22 th place in the overall ranking.

The CCPI (CCPI ) analyzes and compares climate protection in the 57 countries with the highest emissions (including the European Union) , which together account for 90 percent of global emissions . The current index analyzes emissions before the coronavirus crisis and does not reflect emission reductions during this unusual situation.

Ranking in only three G20 (G20) members, including six at the bottom

The G20 also offers a split image. United Kingdom (5 th), India ( 10- th) and the European Union has a high score on the index. Most of the G20 countries lag behind in the rankings. Usa ( 61st ) , Saudi Arabia ( 60- th) , Canada ( 58th ) , Australia ( 54- th) , South Korea ( 53rd ) and Russia ( 52- th) All are rated “very low”.

While a significant change in global emissions seems possible

Professor of Nucleate Institute Dr. Niklas Honné says , ” It is even more important now that economic reforms around the world do not just support reviving economies , but at the same time prepare for a zero-carbon global economy. If most of those surveyed for the index Recovery (recovery) actions are doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or increased, it is not clear. but there is still opportunity for molding the recovery package and the ongoing discussion on the many good ideas. “

“The latest climate change performance index clearly shows that the European Union stands at a crossroads ,” published by its organization Germanwatch, in collaboration with Jan Burke , the Nucleite Institute and Climate Action Network ( CAN) ( CAN) , Index One of the authors of , says.

Burke also states that , ” by setting an ambitious climate target for 2030 in line with the 1.5 ° C-limit and good implementation and further development of its Green Deal , measures for green recovery ( recovery ) after the EU coronovirus crisis Could also become a role model in climate protection. “

Climate change is an independent monitoring tool Performance Index (Climate Change Performance Index) (CCPI) (Siseepiai) countries to climate protection performance. It aims to increase transparency in international climate politics and enables the comparability of climate protection efforts and progress made by individual countries.

Stephen Singer, Senior Advisor, Global Energy Policies of Climate Action Network said: “represented less than 10% of the global population, the largest fossil fuel exporting and producing countries, the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Australia, as appropriate Are at the bottom of the table. They are among the highest carbon pollutants and highest energy consumers. Neither of them has a useful federal climate policy to reduce carbon pollution. This shows the impressive power of fossil fuel industries in these countries. On the other hand , we see many smaller countries such as Portugal , Morocco , Chile and other countries in Europe that perform much better. As civil society, to deal effectively with the climate crisis, we need to segment the business model of the fossil fuel companies around the world. “

Version Climate Change Performance Index this year (Climate Change Performance Index) (CCPI) (Siseepiai) More than 170 experts from 55 countries of their governments Kovid – 19 Recovery Plan ( p.16 ff.) . On average , more countries reported lower carbon measures in COVID- 19 recovery plans than measures that weakened the low-carbon transition . At least two-thirds of countries have avoided resuming plans to start coal-fired power plant projects or to weaken environmental regulations. Yet some high-carbon measures have high fiscal expenditures undermining efforts towards lower carbon recovery.

United States , Saudi Arabia and Iran: worst performers Once again , the USA’s performance has been sad: For the second time in a row under President Trump, the United States ranks at the bottom of Saudi Arabia for the second time in a row. In all four categories, except renewable energy (“low”) , the United States is at the bottom of the table (“very little”) and Australia And Algeria Is the only country to receive the worst rating of “very low” in both national and international climate policy. President-Elect Biden’s plans present great opportunities to greatly improve this assessment but only when the election campaign promises are actually delivered. Given the still unclear majority in the Senate , it is uncertain how much of it will be implemented.

Developed by the Germanwacht and Nuclimate Institute (Germany) About the Climate Change Performance Index: Climate Change Performance Index by the Germanwatch and Nucleate Institute published in conjunction with Climate Action Network ( CAN International) is a ranking of 57 countries and the European Union , accounting for nearly 90% of global GHGs. ( GHG) is responsible for emissions. The four categories evaluated are: GHG emissions ( 40%), renewable energy ( 20%), energy use ( 20%) and climate policy ( 20%) . It is an important tool to increase transparency in international climate politics and helps to compare climate protection efforts and progress made by individual countries. It has been published annually since 2005 .

Overall , greenhouse gas emissions have increased slightly , but in fact more than half of the countries surveyed ( 32) have these emissions falling Huh. More than ten percent of the total primary energy now required in two-thirds of countries ( 38) comes from renewable sources, and in twelve countries, renewable is more than 20 percent.

climate Change Performance Index 2021 by 58 countries Of The ranking Of The results To Four Categories “greenhouse gas (Jiacji- GHG) emissions” ” Renewable ” Energy ” and ” Energy Use ” With – with Climate policy too The countries Of Overall Display A global Level Keeping this Ranking 14 indicators In by Defined did Gone is.