Jagdeep Dhankar greeted the members on 72nd Foundation day of Rajya Sabha

New Delhi: On the 72nd. Foundation day of Rajya Sabha, the Chairperson of Rajya Sabha and Vice President of India Sh. Jaideep Dhankar congratulated the members in the house. Amidst disturbances he made a brief speech.

He said “Hon. Members, Greetings to you on the Rajya Sabha Day. On this day, in the year 1952, the Rajya Sabha was constituted. The Council of States, as defined in our Constitution, plays a critical role in our polity. Upholding the federal principle of our democracy, the Rajya Sabha contributes towards the welfare of the people by voicing their concerns and acting as a platform for erudite discussions. Hon. Members, the term ‘Upper House’ or ‘House of Elders’, though not part of official glossary, amply reflect uniquely significant importance of this institution.

The nation justifiably expects us to lead by example in setting sublime parliamentary traditions worth emulating by all others. The House should be a platform for debate, dialogue, deliberation and discussion, and not a theatre of disruption and disturbance.

On this significant occasion, I appeal to the hon. Members of the Upper House to resolve, to protect the dignity of Rajya Sabha and engage in informed, meaningful debates and deliberations for the greater progress of the nation in Amrit Kaal.”