New Parliament House chambers ready by November, Center rushes to meet the deadline

New Delhi: The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has stepped up efforts and monitoring to ensure that the new chambers of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in the new Parliament House are ready by November this year so that the next winter session can be held.

Top government functionaries have said that the winter session will be held in the new building, though sources said some work may continue. The project was briefly affected by court orders and during the pandemic. Though the government had originally set August 2022 as the deadline for the entire project, the deadline had to be revised as work could not start for more than a month due to the Supreme Court’s stay order after the foundation stone was laid .

A government source said the Tata project, which won the contract for the new Parliament building, has assured the government of meeting the November deadline for both the houses.

Meanwhile, sources said Prime Minister Narendra Modi may unveil the installation of the “State Emblem of India” at the top of the under-construction Parliament building. He said that the government has fixed two dates for this program – May 23 or May 26. The emblem made in Rajasthan will be more than 20 feet tall. The contractor has been asked to ensure that the emblem remains covered till the day it is unveiled.

The new parliament building will have a triangular shape to signify the importance of triangles being sacred geometry in different religions, while its interior will have three national symbols as the main themes – the lotus, the peacock and the banyan tree.

TOI has also learned that the ongoing work on the revamp of Central Vista Avenue or Rajpath may extend till next month, though most of it has been completed so far.