Opposition condemns move to extend tenure of CBI, ED chiefs

New Delhi: Opposition parties including Congress and Trinamool Congress (TMC) on Monday attacked the Centre’s move to extend the tenure of directors of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Enforcement Directorate (ED) to a maximum of five. years.

While the Congress said that the government used the two agencies as “henchmen” who are now being rewarded so that “malicious prosecution” can be used to silence dissenting voices, the TMC has passed the statutory hearing in the Rajya Sabha. Presented a notice for the proposals, to which the objections were raised. Ordinance by the government to extend the tenure of CBI and ED chiefs.

Sources in various opposition parties said such notices would be filed by other opposition parties before the winter session of Parliament.

President Ram Nath Kovind on Sunday signed two ordinances promulgated by the Ministry of Law and Justice. The ordinances state that after the two-year term of the ED or CBI chief ends, the central government can extend his tenure for three consecutive years.

The ordinances amend the Delhi Police Special Establishment Act, which is the parent law for the CBI, and the Central Vigilance Act, which covers the appointment of an ED director.

The Trinamool Congress had questioned the government’s haste, objecting to the ordinance route to extend the tenure, at a time when the winter session of Parliament was barely two weeks away.

Sources said the party has moved two separate statutory proposals for two laws amended by the government through ordinances to extend the tenure of ED and CBI chiefs.

“Two shameless ordinances have increased the tenure of ED & CBI Director from 2 to 5 years #Winter session of Parliament begins two weeks from now. Rest assured, the opposition parties will do everything possible to prevent India from turning into an elected autocracy,” tweeted TMC’s Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien.