‘Pratigya Patra’ will be policy document: Himachal Governor

Dharamshala: Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar, in his address to the newly elected Himachal Legislative Assembly here today, outlined the vision of the new government.

“My government will adopt the ‘promise paper’ of the Congress announced during the elections as a policy document and work accordingly. In order to create employment opportunities, my Government will pay special attention to new employment programs in all sectors of the economy in a phased manner. My government recognizes the incomparable contribution made by the brave sons of Himachal in the defense of the country and will take necessary steps to protect the interests of the youth and ex-servicemen of Himachal serving in the army and paramilitary forces. ,

He said, “My government is committed to fulfill the promises made during the elections in a phased manner. A detailed roadmap for the implementation of the guarantees given in our ‘promise letter’ will be discussed while presenting the budget in the near future.”

He said that the economy of the State is mainly horticulture and agriculture and the means of livelihood of a large section of the population is directly dependent on these two sectors and other allied activities. He said, “My government will formulate policies that protect the interests of lakhs of small and marginal farmers.”

“Himachal Pradesh is known as the fruit bowl of India and my government will give further boost to the horticulture sector. Industrial investment will be promoted by creating an investor friendly environment in the state.

“The topmost priority of the government would be to ensure that the benefits of development reach farmers, planters, laborers and the unemployed. My Government will take necessary steps to protect and preserve the environment so that the interests of future generations are well protected. My government will take effective steps to deal with serious crimes related to illegal logging and damage to the environment in the state.