Rahul wrote a letter to the LS Speaker – I have the right to speak in the House

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is on target of the BJP after his statement on Indian democracy in Britain. The BJP is constantly demanding an apology from him. At the same time, Rahul says that he did not use any derogatory language against India. In this sequence, Rahul Gandhi has once again written a letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Tuesday saying that absurd and useless allegations are being leveled against him. He has appealed that he should be given a chance to speak in the House regarding the statement made in Britain, as he has the right to speak in the House. In the same matter, Rahul Gandhi had written a letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker on Monday as well. Had demanded to keep his point in the parliament.

Let us tell you that the BJP is continuously demanding an apology from him for commenting on Indian democracy in Britain. At the same time, Rahul says that some ministers of the government have accused him of speaking against India, which is completely baseless. In the letter, Rahul Gandhi cited Rule 357 of the Lok Sabha. He said that Rule 357 allows personal explanation in the House. According to Rahul, any MP can give his clarification with the permission of the Speaker, even if there is no question before the House. He said that he is seeking this permission under parliamentary conventions, constitutionally enshrined rules of natural justice and Rule 357 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha.

In his letter, Rahul wrote that they are a guarantee against administrative arbitrariness and ensure that every person has the right to be heard in a matter to which they are concerned. Surely, you would agree that Parliament, like all institutions, cannot shirk its responsibility to respect this right. He said that there are several examples available on the Lok Sabha Digital Library as well, which show that this right is not limited to replying to statements made within Parliament, but also to allegations made in the public domain.

did not insult india
Let us inform that before this, Rahul Gandhi had also said during the press conference that he wants to speak in the House. The BJP is constantly demanding an apology from him. Last week also, Rahul has said in front of the Consultative Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Parliament that he has not insulted India.