The proceedings of Delhi Assembly will be digital

New Delhi: The Delhi Legislative Assembly has taken the first step towards a digital future. Delhi assembly will be e-assembly. A project is in progress to move to a web-based digital platform to enhance efficiency in digital work. Answers of questions will be ready online in the Vidhan Sabha. Under the scheme, the proceedings of the House in the Vidhan Sabha will be online and the public will be able to listen, watch and read questions and answers online. It is believed that with this effort, more than one thousand kg of paper and 50 lakh rupees spent on printing and packaging will be saved every year.

This is how the proceedings of the house will run
Every information related to the assembly will be in the laptop of the MLAs. MLAs currently have to visit the Assembly during the session or send someone to present their questions, but they will be able to do so digitally once the project is completed. They will be able to access e-assembly from their homes. When the proceedings of the Vidhan Sabha begin, a minister will be able to press only one button while replying and the written answer will appear on the screen of other members’ laptops. Paper is used extensively when the annual budget is presented, but now the finance minister just has to press a button and the documents will be visible on the laptops of all the members.

The plan was made four years ago
Delhi Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel has said that Assembly members will be able to attend meetings from their homes, but it is important that physical meetings also take place. In the project, separate mobile applications will also be made for the legislators and the public. This will enable people to raise their grievances and interact with the MLAs of their constituencies. Tender has been floated for this project.

The plan was made about four years ago to make the Delhi Legislative Assembly paperless. The then Lok Sabha Speaker had written a letter demanding the expenditure on this project, but later the amount could not be received from the Center to the Delhi Assembly. After this, the Assembly Secretary sent a proposal to the Delhi Government for approval of the estimated amount of 20 crores to be spent for making paperless. Delhi government has stamped on this.