The rules for convening the assembly session will have to be followed, Bidhuri told the Lieutenant Governor

New Delhi: BJP leader and Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Ramvir Singh Bidhuri on Thursday told Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena that rules should be followed to convene a session of the assembly and if AAP does not follow the rules, the assembly should be dissolved. .

The BJP leader demanded that the one-day special session called by the government on Friday be put on hold and instead the monsoon session of the Assembly be called for at least five days.

He further accused AAP of making the assembly an arena of politics and keeping all rules separate. He said the main agenda of the AAP government would be to bash Modi or bash the Center and they would not discuss the liquor policy “scam”.

“In the past, whenever the session of the Delhi Assembly was called, it would end with the Modi government cursing. Kejriwal is busy doing drama till date but he has not answered any question of BJP. Earlier, Bihaduri held a meeting with BJP MLAs before the session and discussed the strategy in the House. All BJP MLAs including Mohan Singh Bisht, Vijender Gupta, Omprakash Sharma, Jitendra Mahajan attended the meeting.

Bidhuri said that the one-day session of Delhi Legislative Assembly has been called by breaking the rules. “Monsoon sessions of all the Legislative Assemblies including Parliament have been held, but the monsoon session of Delhi Legislative Assembly was not called.

The Kejriwal government neither wants to talk on the issues of the people nor does it want to answer the questions of the people.

“Whenever AAP needs to talk on any topic of its choice, it convenes a day-long session of the Assembly. Surprisingly, neither questions nor answers are asked in the session and even the members are allowed to hold discussions of short duration,” Bidhuri said.

“Before convening the session, notice of 15 days should be given, and the members should be allowed to express their views. If you are determined to kill democracy like this, then the Delhi Assembly should be dissolved.