Transparency and accountability are essence of governance in parliamentary democracy: Lok Sabha Speaker

New Delhi 17 November: Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla addressed the Valedictory Session of Audit Day and Auditors’ Conference in New Delhi, today.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Birla said that CAG is among the most effective and prestigious audit institutions in the world. He added that the discussions and positive suggestions on CAG reports within the House and Parliamentary Committees strengthen nation’s democracy. Shri Birla expressed happiness that the CAG report is discussed in the House going beyond party lines and decisions are taken in the interest of the nation.

On the role of the CAG, Shri Birla said that the Constitution has given it a comprehensive and dynamic role and has ensured that its allegiance is only to the Constitution and the nation. He noted that the CAG assures all stakeholders that government funds are being used efficiently and for the intended purpose only. Expressing satisfaction, Shri Birla said that CAG is the world’s leading audit body because of its best practices and is known all over the world for presenting independent, reliable, balanced and timely reports related to public finance and governance.

Regarding the increasing role of CAG in the changing scenario, Shri Birla observed that the importance of CAG reports and the relevance of audit have increased in the country. He added that the CAG has an outsider viewpoint while assessing the working of the government, which leads to financial savings and efficient planning. Describing transparency and accountability of governance as the cornerstone of parliamentary democracy, Shri Birla opined that effective and efficient use of public money is the aim of both Parliament and Government. In this regard, Shri Birla highlighted the role of CAG in ensuring fiscal discipline of States.

Mentioning about India’s rapidly growing economy, Shri Birla said that in the era of digital economy, strong digital infrastructure and digital financial records are going to make the role of CAG even more challenging. He added that in order to meet these challenges, it is necessary to have skills and training as well as knowledge in the latest technology. Shri Birla expressed confidence that CAG is adopting innovations in the field of auditing as per the needs of the country which will make it more empowered and productive.

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India Shri Girish Chandra Murmu delivered the welcome address on the occasion.