Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar targeted Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: In a veiled attack on Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, who recently delivered a lecture at the University of Cambridge in the UK, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Thursday said that while India is experiencing its moments of glory under the chairmanship of the G20, So some MPs are engaged in our thoughtless unwarranted insults. well nurtured democratic values

Vice President Dhankhar released a book on Mundakopanishad written by Dr. Karan Singh. Addressing the gathering at the event, Dhankhar said that India is the most functional democracy which has made a mark at the global level. India is setting global discourse on many issues.

“How ironic, how painful! While the world is appreciating our historical achievements as a functional vibrant democracy, there are some of us parliamentarians who are engaged in mindless disrespect to our cherished democratic values. How can we justify such wanton organizing of a factually shaky narrative,” he said.

In a veiled attack on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over his remarks in the UK, the Vice President said, “Mark the time for this unhealthy adventurism – while India is experiencing its moments of glory – as the chair of the G20 And there are people from outside. The country is working swiftly to defame us. This kind of false campaign mode to taint and tarnish our Parliament and constitutional institutions is too serious and extraordinary to ignore or accept. No political strategy or partisan stand can justify compromising on our nationalism and democratic values.

“I will be on the wrong side of the Constitution if I observe silence on this misadventure-orchestration by a Member of Parliament outside the country, which is ill-advised and motivated. This would be a constitutional blunder and dishonor of my oath of office,” said Dhankhar.

“How can I sanctify the statement that mikes are switched off in the Indian Parliament? How can people say that? Is there an example given? They said.

In the context of Emergency, Dhankhar said that there is a dark chapter in the political history of the country. The proclamation of emergency was the darkest hour of any democracy.

He said that Indian democratic politics has now matured and it cannot be repeated.

Dhankhar said, “Whoever says, inside or outside the country, that mikes are switched off in the Indian Parliament… Imagine this being done after being in the House for almost 50 minutes. Such audacity and audacity cannot be tolerated to bring down our democratic values.”

The Vice President said that if he observes silence, most of the people who have faith in the nation will remain silent forever. He said that the country cannot allow such narratives to gain momentum by those elements who want to counter India’s growing development.

“You let down our judiciary on foreign soil. Where is the judiciary on this planet that works at lightning speed?” He said that India’s judiciary is made up of the brightest minds in the world.

He said that the contemporary scenario in the temples of democracy is worrying.

“No doubt our people are concerned and upset at being projected as disruptors, slogan-shouters and unruly behavior – throwing papers and banging mikes and going into the well of the House? Our parliamentarians need to lead by example.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that it is the duty of every Indian living across the world to protect democracy.

The visiting Congress MP criticized the Center alleging that the basic structure of Indian democracy has been attacked.

The Congress MP, who is visiting Britain, criticized the Center alleging that the basic structure of Indian democracy has been attacked.

In a conversation at London’s Chatham House, Rahul Gandhi termed the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as a “radical” and “fascist” organization and alleged that it has captured almost all the institutions of India.

He said, “The nature of democratic competition in India has completely changed and this is because an organization called the RSS – a fundamentalist, fascist organization has basically taken over all the institutions of India.”

Rahul Gandhi further said that Europe and America are not doing enough to restore democracy in India as they are getting business and money from the country. “Why Europe and America – the defenders of democracy were oblivious to how a large part of democracy has come undone in India?” he questioned.

The Congress leader also mentioned how various institutions in the country were under threat.

“It shocked me how successful they have been in taking over various institutions of our country. Press, Judiciary, Parliament and Election Commission are all under threat and controlled in one way or the other,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“You can ask any opposition leader how agencies are used. I had Pegasus installed on my phone, which was not happening when we were in power.

The Congress MP highlighted the condition of Dalits and minorities in India.

He said, ‘In India you can see what is being done to Dalits, Adivasis and minorities. It is not that the Congress is saying. There are articles in the foreign press all the time that there is a serious problem with Indian democracy.

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