AAP passes resolution against ‘Operation Lotus of BJP’

New Delhi: AAP’s ‘National People’s Conference’ on Sunday passed resolutions that include the Make India No. 1 initiative and against Operation Lotus. AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh moved a motion against Operation Lotus, while AAP leader Gopal Rai moved a motion seeking support and commitment to AAP’s national convener Arvind Kejriwal’s Make India No 1 initiative.

During AAP’s first national conference, Singh alleged that thousands of crores of rupees have been looted from people to run Operation Lotus. “This money was used to buy members of several state legislatures across the country. Operation Lotus is the biggest cause of inflation in India.

The money is collected by levying high taxes on the poor, which the BJP then uses to buy MLAs. The people responsible for Operation Lotus are the traitors of the country. He should be charged with sedition and sentenced to life imprisonment,” Singh said.

Taking a jibe at the BJP, Singh said the BJP panicked after seeing such a huge crowd of elected representatives at the convention. “It was very obvious for him to be stressed.”

However, instead of answering the issues and questions in the conference, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra made baseless and false claims in his press conference,” Singh said. “I have some specific questions for him. These questions may be painful for him and his party but the country should know the answers to these questions. How much money did BJP spend to buy 285 MLAs across the country? This All is black money which has been accumulated through corruption.

How much money did they give to each MLA or what position did they offer? He gave Rs 25-50 crore to each MLA and his name has been changed from Bharatiya Janata Party to Bharatiya Khokha Party. Where did they get the money to kidnap the MLAs and bring down the state governments?” Rai, meanwhile, read out the resolution saying that the Aam Aadmi Party takes a resolution in its first National People’s Conference, India is the number one country in the world.

Every Indian wants India to be counted among the richest countries in the world. Every Indian wants India to become the most powerful nation. Every Indian wants India to be the best country in the world. Making India the strongest country in the world is the mission of Make India No. For this, we have to ensure these five things in the country – good and free education and health facilities to all, employment to every youth, respect and security to every woman and full price to farmers for their crops. 130 crore people of the country will have to join this national mission.