New Dehi: Speaking on this occasion, Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha Shri Harivansh said that Indian Parliament has always been on the forefront of making endeavours to effect institutional reforms for enhancing legislative productivity. He urged the public representatives to ensure smooth conduct of legislative business and to engage in productive and meaningful discussion in the House. Capacity building of legislators will ensure fruitful discussion in the House, observed Shri Harvansh. Congratulating Rajasthan Legislative Assembly for successfully organizing the Conference, Shri Harivansh noted that the Conference has been successful in terms of both intent and content. Mentioning about India’s G-20 Presidentship, Shri Harivansh observed that it will offer a unique opportunity to the country to showcase its economic prowess and cultural heft. It will also help in rebalancing the global negotiations on important issues facing humanity. As a country which has democratic values deeply embedded in its spirit, the G20 leadership can be harnessed by India to advance peace, stability and shared prosperity in an otherwise polarised world, noted Shri Harivansh.

Speaker of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Dr. C. P. Joshi expressed his gratitude to Vice-President of India and Chairman, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha Speaker for their guidance. Emphasizing that without financial autonomy legislatures cannot function efficiently, Dr. Joshi suggested that some measures are required to be taken to give financial autonomy to legislatures so that they can discharge their responsibilities of ensuring executive accountability. Mentioning about the glorious tradition of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, Dr. Joshi hoped that public representatives through their conduct will not only maintain the standard but will also enhance it further.

Twenty Speakers, including Lok Sabha Speaker; five Chairpersons; Twelve Deputy Speakers and four Deputy Chairpersons, including Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha participated in the Conference.

Leader of Opposition in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, Shri Gulab Chand Kataria, delivered Vote of Thanks.


During the two days Conference, the following topics were discussed:

i. Leadership of India in G-20 as the mother of democracy;
ii. The need to make Parliament and Legislatures more Effective, Accountable and Productive;
iii. Integration of State Legislatures with Digital Parliament; and
iv. The need to maintain a harmonious relationship between the Legislature and the Judiciary in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution.

The following Resolutions were adopted in the Conference:


The 83rd All India Presiding Officers’ Conference felicitate the Government of India and the Parliament of India on the assumption of Chair of the Group of 20 nations and Parliament – 20, and resolve to extend full support to projection of India as ‘Mother of Democracy’ and a global leader in the cause of equity, inclusivity, fraternity, peace and sustainable life style.


The 83rd All India Presiding Officers’ Conference reaffirms its complete faith in the primacy of the people of India in law making through the legislative bodies of the nation and while reposing confidence in the principle of separation of powers, exhorts all organs of State to respect the Constitutional boundaries enshrined in the Constitution of India.


Recognising the exemplary conduct of Members of the Constituent Assembly in resolving contentious issues facing a newly independent nation through debate, discussion, and in the spirit of cooperation, understanding and accommodation of divergent shades of opinion, the 83rd All India Presiding Officers’ Conference resolve that Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of legislative bodies be reviewed comprehensively and model uniform Rules be formulated incorporating best practices in order to secure greater participation of Members and productive functioning of the Houses of legislature; and that Code of Conduct for Members be introduced in the Rules for bringing about an effective check against indecorous and unparliamentary conduct.


Acknowledging the significance of seeking answers from the Government to questions of Members as a time tested instrument for enforcing executive accountability in our legislative bodies, the 83rd All India Presiding Officers’ Conference call upon all political parties to build consensus among themselves against any disruption in the Houses of legislature particularly during Question Hour.


Recognizing the role of Committees as engines of our Legislature, the 83rd All India Presiding Officers Conference call upon all legislative bodies in India to take meaningful steps to empower the Committee System and expand breadth and scope of scrutiny of executive action.


For realization of financial autonomy in managing the affairs of State Legislatures, the 83rd All India Presiding Officers’ Conference solemnly resolve that Chairperson AIPOC be authorized to Conduct wide ranging consultations with State Governments.


The 83rd All India Presiding Officers’ Conference resolve that legislative bodies in India will take all steps to join the National Digital Grid for Legislative Bodies in the interest of greater efficiency, transparency and inter-connectedness.


To recognize efforts made for encouraging effective and qualitative participation of Members and supporting higher productivity in the business of the Houses of legislature, the 83rd All India Presiding Officers Conference reaffirm its resolve to institute an annual Best Legislature Award for legislative bodies to be selected through an objective criteria based mechanism.


The 83rd All India Presiding Officers Conference resolve to take all possible steps for education of all sections of the population, particularly women and youth, in constitutional provisions, legislative practices and procedures.