Congress to bring no-confidence motion against Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla

New Delhi: The political battle that started between the ruling party and the opposition over the demand for an apology from Rahul Gandhi in Parliament and setting up of a JPC on the Adani issue is now taking a new shape.

At present, the way Rahul Gandhi was disqualified from the membership of the Lok Sabha within 24 hours after the decision of the Surat court and now he has been given notice to vacate the bungalow, after that the Congress is preparing to retaliate. In which he has first targeted Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. Against which he has now decided to bring a motion of no confidence. It is believed that after all the formalities, the opposition will also present this proposal in the House on Monday.

Apart from Congress, members of some other parties will also sign the resolution. The signatures of at least 50 members are necessary for a no-confidence motion. While the Congress is heating up politics on the streets through protests, there will be an attempt to surround the Speaker and the government inside the House through a no-confidence motion against the Speaker.

No debate has been held in the second phase of the budget session so far, but if no-confidence motion comes, it is necessary to stop everything and discuss it. Although the figure of the ruling party and the opposition in the Lok Sabha is certain to defeat this proposal, but the strategy of the Congress is only to heat up the issue and also try to give air to the statement given by Rahul Gandhi in London that the opposition there is not allowed to speak. According to Congress sources, the manner in which haste has been shown in the case of Rahul Gandhi shows his biased attitude.

Let us inform that for the first time after the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi, the entire opposition has united. Congress is trying to continue it. But the first test will be on this no-confidence motion only. By the way, only the Congress has the necessary 50 members. But how much the party is able to unite the opposition parties will be interesting. The session is to run till April 6. In such a situation, if a proposal comes on Monday, then it can be discussed immediately and a decision can be taken through voting.