New Delhi; 4 December : Lok Sabha Speaker, Shri Om Birla, addressed at the 42nd National Conference of Radiation Oncologists organized by the Association of the Radiation Oncologists of India, today. Shri Birla graced the occasion as Chief Guest of the event.

Speaking on this occasion, Shri Birla referred to several rapid developments in the health sector in India and expressed the view that such progress would help in achieving the target of a developed India by 2047.

Mentioning about the critical role of awareness of people in detection and treatment of cancer, Shri Birla said that there is a lack of awareness about cancer in India. He observed that the lack of access and affordability of quality treatment is also another constraint for most of the people. Unless there is a major problem in the body, the general public refrains from medical checkup. He noted that the Association is already working on how after a certain age people are motivated to get health check up done. He appealed them to work extensively in this area of awareness.

Speaking on the development of technology in cancer treatment, Shri Birla said that with the passage of time, new technologies have come, which have made cancer treatment possible. Radiation technology has made cancer treatment very successful. Radiation technology has proved to be very useful for advanced treatment of cancer. He noed that over time, there has been technological development in radiation therapy as well. He further said that the development of medical science has not only increased the lifespan of people but has also improved the quality of life. With the development of new technology, surgeries and operations are becoming easier than in the past decades. Operations are being done at the micro level. He said that targeted treatment is being done with robotic surgery and laser operation.

Speaking on social responsibility in the fight against cancer, Shri Birla said that there is a moral responsibility as well as a social responsibility in this fight. It is the responsibility of the doctors to do the best research for the society and humanity as much as possible, work for the development of universal treatment facility with effective treatment of cancer and its advanced treatment is easily available to every person living in villages and towns. He urged them to develop a comprehensive action plan so that the quality and accessible medical care reaches the last person of the society.

On this occasion, Shri Birla appreciated the Association of the Radiation Oncologists of India for doing excellent works in the field of cancer therapy through detailed discussions, dialogues and seminars.