New Delhi: Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla, in his valedictory address, said that the All India Presiding Officers’ Conference has always played an important role in establishing sound democratic traditions and parliamentary practices and procedures in legislative bodies and for sharing best practices among different legislatures. In the 83rd Conference, nine Resolutions were adopted to make democracy more accountable, participative and meaningful, informed Shri Birla. Shri Birla highlighted that in the Amrit Kaal of independence, when the country is witnessing massive transformation, the role of legislatures has become more important. Emphasizing on meaningful, disciplined and productive discussions in the legislative bodies, Shri Birla said that there should be maximum dialogue in the Houses, proper use of technology and strong connect between the people and the legislature. Let this message go among the public that the growing hopes and aspirations of the people can be fulfilled through the Legislatures, noted Shri Birla.

Shri Birla emphasized that during the discussion in the legislatures, especially during the Question Hour, the proceedings of the House should run smoothly without any disruption. He stressed on maintaining dignity and decorum in the House and for increasing the number of sittings. Shri Birla suggested to the Presiding Officers to encourage those public representatives who participate in good debates and discussions and prepare an action plan to act against those members who constantly obstruct the proceedings of the House, so that dignity of the House is not compromised. He observed that India’s democracy inspires all countries, so Presiding Officers and public representatives should contribute in making legislative bodies ideal institutions. Debates and discussions enrich legislations. Pre-planned organized disruptions are not good for democracy, said Shri Birla.

Shri Birla also reiterated the need for uniformity of rules and procedures in legislatures. Notwithstanding financial autonomy, uniformity of rules and procedures will help in strengthening parliamentary democracy, Shri Birla observed.

Mentioning about the need for further strengthening of parliamentary committees, Shri Birla observed that parliamentary committees, which are mini parliaments, have an excellent tradition of working above party lines. These committees need to be further strengthened so that they can comprehensively review government policies and programmes and ensure accountability of the Executive. Lok Sabha Speaker hoped that the resolution passed in the conference on this subject would be helpful in further strengthening the committee system. Referring to India’s G20 Presidentship, Shri Birla said that this is an opportunity to showcase the world about India’s democracy and its capabilities. The P20 Conference of the G20 countries will not be just a diplomatic event, but it will involve participation of all sections of people of India. He called for collective global efforts for peace and development.

The Lok Sabha Speaker thanked the Governor and Chief Minister of Rajasthan and the Speaker of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly for successfully organising the Conference.