Parliamentary Finance committee will discuss ‘Anti-Competitive practices by Big Tech Companies’ with 13 more subjects

New Delhi: The Parliamentary COMMITTEE ON FINANCE headed by BJP’s Jayant Sinha will discuss the issue of ‘Anti-Competitive practices by Big Tech Companies’ which is hot topic of discussion throughout the world.

Besides this, the committee have selected the following subjects for detailed examination during the year 2022-23. Strengthening RBI’s regulatory and operational capabilities, Roadmap for $5 Trillion economy in light of global economic and geopolitical circumstances, India’s investment requirements for sustainable growth, particularly for climate adaptation and mitigation, Cyber security and rising incidence of cyber/white collar crimes, Providing credit to the agricultural and rural sector including appraisal of NABARD’s role, Review of long-term public finances and debt at Centre and States, Monetization of public sector assets including disinvestment and asset recycling, Performance review and regulation of insurance and pension sectors, Pension liabilities for Centre and States, Performance review of the Banking sector including IBC operations, Regulatory issues concerning the capital market, Formal and informal employment trends and Global competitiveness of India’s direct tax regime.

Apart from these subjects, the Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2022 has been referred to the Committee by the Speaker on 16th August, 2022 for examination and Report thereon.