TN Chief Minister Stalin maintained the dignity of assemblies in all states: Speaker Appavu

New Delhi: Assembly Speaker M. Appavu said on Wednesday that Governor R.N. Ravi had created “an unprecedented situation”, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin handled it with finesse and quickly moved a resolution to uphold the dignity of the House.

If the Chief Minister had not moved the resolution, the whole country would have had to face embarrassment because of the Governor’s action. The Chief Minister has upheld the dignity of not only the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly but all the State Legislative Assemblies by his wise action.

Mr. Appavu made it clear that it is the duty of the Governor to address the House using printed speech only. “Only the chief minister and the cabinet are responsible for the content of the speech. The role of the Governor comes to an end after reading the address.

He also said that the Chief Minister’s proposal to retain the parts left out by the Governor clearly defined the role and authority of the governors with regard to the proceedings of the assembly.

The Speaker said the Governor had created “confusion” by omitting some parts and adding some to himself. “I do not know why he decided to do so. Panic broke out among the members and the Chief Minister pacified them with a gesture. Neither the House nor the Government was responsible for the unprecedented situation. Relaxed the manner and sought my permission to record all the material in the printed book.I appreciate the courage of the Chief Minister.

Mr Appavu said though he understood the sentiments of Congress Legislature Party leader Selvaperunthagai and members of other political parties who assembled before the governor and raised slogans, this should have been avoided.

“My rule is that such incidents should be avoided in future, in the interest of decorum of the House. I limit my judgment as no untoward incident took place during the Governor’s address.

He also recalled the speech delivered by late AIADMK member Thamraikani in 1998 when the then Governor Fathima Beevi addressed the House.

“Members like Karuppasamy and Sundaram created ruckus by covering their faces with black cloths and standing on their seats. The opposition members also created embarrassing moments for the then Governor Surjit Singh Barnala.

Mr. Appavu said that the House would not allow anything to happen that would bring disrepute to the Governor. “Assembly Rule 92(vii) is very clear that a member, while speaking, should not refer to the conduct of the President or any Governor or Court, or use the name of the Governor or the President for the purpose of influencing the debate, ” They said.