TN govt-DMK tussle: House registers ‘anguish’ as governor omits parts of speech

CHENNAI: Even as Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi was in Delhi on Friday to meet senior government officials amid a furious battle with the DMK-led state government, the state assembly officially “registered its anguish”. some parts of them were discarded. Governor’s address in the House on January 9

Ravi has spent the past few weeks criticizing Dravidian parties, inciting the DMK and its allies, suggesting the use of the term “Thamizhgam” for the state instead of Tamil Nadu, then omitting parts of the speech that were sent to him by Tamil Nadu were. Government. In a letter to President Draupadi Murmu on Thursday by a high-powered DMK delegation led by Law Minister S Raghupathi, Chief Minister MK Stalin said the Governor was engaged in an ideological battle with the government, violating the Constitution, And demanded that he be asked to abide by the decisions of the cabinet.

Governor Ravi’s office confirmed that he was in the national capital for a meeting with top representatives of the government, but declined to give details.

Stalin spoke on the floor of the Tamil Nadu Assembly on Friday and said he did not want a repeat of the events of that day and did not want to politicize the issue. “I do not want to repeat the version of events that happened that day. But at the same time I am also aware of why I have been elected to power…I have been elected to uphold the pride of the Tamil people.”

Immediately after Ravi’s speech, Stalin moved a motion in the assembly that only the printed version of the speech go on record, following which the governor hurriedly left before the national anthem could be played. But Ravi’s invitation to the upcoming Pongal festival sparked further controversy with the use of the word Tamizhgam and the national symbol instead of the state.

Stalin said that last year he had traveled over 9000 kms across Tamil Nadu and ensured that the benefits reached 10.3 million beneficiaries.

The chief minister also clarified that his government was not against “religion” but against communalism. “The opposition is only to those who use the religious faith of the people for their own selfish ends. The opposition is not against those who believe in God.

Stalin said the “Dravidian model of governance” embodies the principles of equality, women’s rights, religious harmony and diversity. He said that DMK is a movement which was founded on the idea of social justice, self-respect and language. Dravidian model will lead to “excellence and prosperity and upliftment of Tamil Nadu. “We want industrial development, social transformation, educational development for all. We have planned that development should not only be economic development but also social development ,” Stalin said. The Dravidian model was one of the controversially omitted words by Ravi.

The Official List of Business in reply to the discussion on the Motion of Thanks on the Governor’s Address states, “That an Address to the Governor be presented in the following words: This House registers its anguish for the work of the Hon. Governor by Governor Excluding and incorporating certain passages from the Address of the Hon’ble Governor which was sent by the Government of Tamil Nadu approved by the Hon’ble Governor and circulated in the Legislative Assembly; Members of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly are grateful to the Hon’ble Governor for the recorded address in the House on 9th January 2023 ” The paragraph was introduced by N Irmakrishnan, and read aloud by speaker M Appavu.

In his letter to the President on Thursday, Stalin accused Ravi of speaking against Tamil culture, literature and social order in public forums, pointing out that Article 163(1) of the Constitution mandates that the governor be appointed by the Council of Ministers. recommendations should be followed. , Reiterating the state government’s stand since January 9, the letter states that a draft of the text of the address was sent in advance to the Tamil Nadu governor and his approval was received on January 7. In the assembly, the governor addressed his speech without reading several parts of the already approved draft speech, adding several new ideas mentioned in the speech.

Words that Ravi was accused of leaving out in the letter were “development for all”, “equality”, “women’s rights”, “religious harmony” and mentions of leaders including MK Karunanidhi, Periyar and Dr BR Ambedkar . “The post of governor in a state is a high position and we hold it in high esteem. Also, the governor should be above political views and differences. However, the Hon’ble Governor is engaged in an ideological political struggle with the Government of Tamil Nadu. This is completely against the constitution.

The BJP, which remains an insignificant player in Tamil Nadu politics, is working on building up its presence in the state, though analysts say it could be at the expense of its ally AIADMK, the other major Dravidian party.

On Friday morning, members of the Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK), including its founder and Lok Sabha MP Thol Thirumavalavan, protested against Ravi. Tamil Nadu police detained hundreds of activists including Thirumavalavan as well as Villupuram MP Ravikumar when they tried to picket the Raj Bhavan. The VCK is an ally of the DMK in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly.