Kangana’s shares Khalistani post, Delhi House panel send summons

New Delhi: The Delhi Assembly’s Peace and Harmony Committee on Thursday summoned film actress Kangana Ranaut. A statement from the panel, headed by MLA Raghav Chadha, said, “The committee has received several complaints, including allegedly publishing defamatory, objectionable and derogatory Instagram stories/posts by film actress Kangana Ranaut on her official Instagram account @kanganaranaut. According to the complainants, the stories published by Kangana Ranaut on her Instagram account, which has a wide reach and is being followed by around 8 million people across the world, specifically illustrate examples that Sikh hurts the religious sentiments of the community and has a tendency to disturb the peace and harmony of the society.”

Significantly, the complaints state that Kangana Ranaut has allegedly labeled the Sikh community as a “Khalistani terrorist”, causing an unbearable disgrace to the people of the Sikh community, but in her mind is their safety, life and There have also been apprehensions about independence. The complaint mentions that on November 20, 2021, Ranaut had posted a story, which read, “Khalistani terrorists can twirl the government today… had a crush under the shoe… He destroyed this country.” No matter how much trouble he has given… he crushed them like mosquitoes at the cost of his life.. Even after decades, he did not let the country break into pieces… of his death… even today they work in his name. .. they need the same guru…”

According to the complainants, these statements purportedly posted by Ranaut have caused extreme pain, distress and gravely hurt the religious sentiments of the people of the Sikh community, thus potentially disturbing the peace and harmony in the National Capital Region of Delhi. breach may arise. posing a threat to the life and liberty of the entire community and allegedly belonging to the above community.