Kota’s industrial pride will return through technology and innovation: Lok Sabha Speaker

Kota, 4 March : Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla and Union MSME Minister Shri Narayan Rane inaugurated Rajasthan’s largest MSME industrial exhibition and fair in Kota on Saturday.

Inaugurating the three-day fair organized at Dussehra Maidan, both the leaders noted that Kota was once known as an industrial city. They underlined that people in Kota have to return that industrial glory of Kota through technology, research and innovation. More than 300 MSMEs, khadi and village industries, coir, agriculture and food processing entrepreneurs from across the country are participating in this event being organized by the Union Ministry of MSME in collaboration with SSI Association on the initiative of Shri Birla.

Addressing the inaugural function, Shri Birla noted that MSME sector is the backbone of the country’s economy and the most employment generating sector. He said: ‘We want that entrepreneurship should also be developed in the youth during their education. We need to empower their vision with research and innovation so that they become job creators and not job seekers”.

Shri Narayan Rane said that Kota is the Kashi of education. He observed that: “The purpose of organizing this fair here is to ensure economic growth and progress of the region by bringing industrial revolution. Through the event, MSMEs will be promoted in entire Hadouti region, including Kota, so that production increases here, contribution to GDP increases, employment increases and economic prosperity comes. Shri Birla observed: “When Kota became an educational city, everyone turned to hostels. We have to revive industrial entrepreneurship among the people here”

Shri Birla stressed the need to revive the basic industry of Kota. He said that after Kota developed as an educational city, everyone turned to hostels here. He said: “The people of Hadouti have basic entrepreneurship in the industrial sector itself, we have to promote the same.”

Shri Birla noted that: “to promote the industrial sector, we have to connect local entrepreneurs, especially the youth, with new research and innovation”. He observed, “Startups in our young cities and small and cottage industries in villages. Use digital mediums to market your products. Kota is prosperous in terms of road and rail connectivity. With Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, Atal Progress Way, we will be able to reach all the major cities of the country in a few hours. We are also connected to all the metros by rail network. Soon the work of Kota airport will also start. The government is also laying full emphasis on promoting the MSME sector. We have to take advantage of this opportunity through collective efforts.”

Shri Birla said that the MSME sector is improving the lives of people in small villages. Wherever MSME industry is set up, 25 to 30 people get employment. Our aim should be to set up 30 thousand new MSME industries in Kota in the next two years, so that the economic empowerment of this area can get a new direction.

Kota has a population of 20 lakhs, but only 35 thousand industries here. It is necessary to think seriously: Shri Narayan Rane

Shri Narayan Rane, who came to inaugurate the MSME exhibition and fair, put a challenge before the people of Kota. He said that the population of Kota is 20 lakhs. But there are only 35 thousand MSME industries, the per capita income here is only Rs 1.25 lakh. Several other states have more industries than Kota and per capita income is also more than twice. He exhorted people: “Thinking seriously about this, take such steps that when I come here next time, there should be more than 60 thousand MSMEs and per capita income should also be at par with other states.” He said that we are ready to give technology and knowledge to the people here. People are also ready to get loan from the bank to set up the industry. But the initiative has to be taken at the local level only. He said: “According to the locally available resources, if industries come here, production and employment will increase, which will bring economic prosperity. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Shri Birla also want the same. We have to consider why we should not produce the things which are being imported in the country itself. If industries are ready in the country itself to meet the requirement, then our money will not go out.”

Shri Rane praises Shri Birla

During the programme, Shri Narayan Rane praised Shri Om Birla. He said that there are 543 MPs in the country, but there is only one Speaker of the Lok Sabha. It is a matter of pride for all of us that he is the Speaker of the 17th Lok Sabha. More fortunate are the people of Kota-Bundi who blessed him and now he is doing everything that can ensure the socio-economic progress of each and every person.