Need to prepare ‘one nation one legislative platform’ within stipulated time frame: Lok Sabha Speaker

New Delhi: Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla inaugurated an Orientation Program organized by Lok Sabha Secretariat for the Members of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly and Maharashtra Legislative Council in Parliament House Complex today.

Addressing the legislators, Shri Birla said that the dignity of representative institutions depends on the conduct and behavior of the public representatives and the lack of dignity of legislatures is a threat to democracy. He urged the legislators to uphold the prestige and dignity of these institutions. He further said that one must reflect on issues like decreasing number of sittings in legislatures and increasing instances of disruptions in their proceedings so that the peoples’ trust in these institutions continues to remain intact.

Shri Birla said that public representatives should always be sensitive towards their responsibility of living up to the trust of the people. He stressed that active participation of public representatives is necessary for bringing the voice of the people to the government through the legislature. Expressing the view that being a public representative is a matter of privilege and great honour, he added that legislators must at all times remain aware that this privilege comes with important responsibilities. Therefore, the primary duty of a legislator is to be responsible for the issues and concerns of the people. He emphasized that the public representatives should become the peoples’ voice by raising their grievances in the House so that the Government can take appropriate steps for their speedy resolution.

Shri Birla suggested that at the time of legislation, public representatives must discuss and consider all issues extensively. This is because these laws bring about socio-economic changes. In such a situation, it is necessary that at the time of making the law, the issues of all sections of society are adequately included in it. Shri Birla pointed out that in today’s era; policy making takes place in the context of rapidly changing socio-political realities, and therefore it is necessary for legislatures to become more responsive to the needs of the people. He said that it is necessary for Members to be well acquainted with the rules and procedures of the House with regard to legislative business. These rules provide a number of procedural tools to the help Members to raise various issues in the House.

He further added that MLAs and MLCs should read old debates held in the House, which will prove helpful in in-depth understanding of various matters. Shri Birla underlined that public representatives should be provided with research aid related to the relevant field because it is necessary for them to have appropriate knowledge of various subjects for a vibrant democracy.

He also emphasized that legislators should also take help of information technology in order to increase their engagement with the public, to ascertain their hopes and expectations and to get their feedback on various subjects. Regarding the need to equip legislatures with modern technology, he stressed the need to prepare the ‘One Nation One Legislative Platform’ within a stipulated time frame.