‘No violation’: SC dismisses plea against lion statue atop Parliament House in Central Vista

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday dismissed a PIL, alleging that the design of a lion statue atop the under-construction Parliament House in Central Vista was one of the designs of the national emblem approved under the State Emblem of India (Prohibition of Improper Use) Act. violates. 2005.

A bench of Justices MR Shah and Krishna Murari told the petitioners that it was a matter of perception. “The perception depends on the mind of the person (seeing it),” the bench said. There is no violation of the 2005 Act, he said.

The petitioners had argued that the lions in the statue unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in July this year appeared “brutal and aggressive”, with their “mouths open and dogs visible” as opposed to “calm and composed” ones – Emperor Ashoka The lion capital at Sarnath.

“After hearing the petitioner … and having seen the emblem about which the complaint has been made, it cannot be said that it is in any way contrary to the provisions of the Act. It cannot be said that that any provision of the Act 2005 has been violated. The State Emblem of India installed on the Central Vista Project, New Delhi cannot at least be said to be in violation of the Act 2005,” the bench observed while dismissing the petition filed by two lawyers. Said happened.

The petitioners argued that the national emblem design is a sanctioned one and cannot contain artistic innovations and said that the 2005 inauguration by the PM violates the description and design of the state emblem in the Schedule to the Act.

He pointed out that the four lions being representative of the four main spiritual philosophies of the Buddha are not merely a design, but have cultural and philosophical significance and argued that the logo of ‘Satyameva Jayate’ is missing from the emblem.